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You really don’t have to be a hardcore geek to join tech support, but a passion for technology is a plus. Good communication skills are also very important. As a tech support associate, you will help customers with technical issues. The goal: a happy customer who can use his or her product again to his or her satisfaction.

What does your work entail?

In the tech support department, you are the point of contact for customers who have a technical problem with, for example, a smartphone or an Internet connection. For example, you may end up at our customer service desk for Ziggo, Lenovo or Samsung.

In this work, you identify issues and, together with the customer, try to solve them remotely. Of course, you will receive extensive training from us and have access to a very complete manual that will help you solve almost any problem.

Because you deal with a variety of customer requests, a job in tech support is very varied. Also, you’re not on the phone all day. Customer contact can also be by e-mail, chat and sometimes even social media, for example: omnichannel communication, we call it.

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Who is work in tech support suitable for?

Tech support on a customer service desk like Ziggo’s is an entry-level job. That means you don’t need any special experience to get started in this position. What is required? A passion for engineering and good communication skills.

In addition, it is important that you are flexible and can empathize with the customer: he or she may have very little technical knowledge and may also be stressed. Therefore, you must remain patient and explain clearly what needs to be done to solve the problem. A positive attitude and a structured way of working are essential.

This is a job for you if you enjoy helping people. Customers are counting on you! By putting the customer at ease AND solving the problem, you make someone very happy.

In 2009, I joined Teleperformance as a Technical Agent. I then worked as a Supervisor for two years. Then I went to the IT ServiceDesk and now I work as an IT Systems Engineer.
Roy Timmermans System Engineer

Why work at Teleperformance?

At Teleperformance you will work in a friendly team with motivated colleagues. We provide all the necessary training, which will benefit you greatly later in your career. We also offer you a contract right away. So you are not working through a staffing organization. As a Teleperformance employee, you will also benefit from special promotions and exclusive discounts.

We work with flexible services. If you are an early bird you can opt for morning shifts, allowing you to enjoy your freedom for the rest of the day. But if an evening shift suits you better – for example, because you study during the day – we can also schedule that for you. Alternation is also possible. At Teleperformance, you can work both full-time and part-time.

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What are your advancement opportunities?

Did you know that Teleperformance is the largest contact center in the world? We have an excellent reputation, which is why many major brands work with us. For you, this means that experience with our organization will look good on your resume. From your work at Ziggo customer service, for example, you can grow horizontally or vertically.

Within our organization, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in different departments. After working in tech support for a while, you can gain experience in our commercial or social media department, for example. Advancement to a higher position -for example, Chief Operating Officer- is also possible. At Teleperformance, we support you in your ambitions. We offer the training and guidance to make your dreams come true!

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