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Are you looking for Ziggo vacancies? Ziggo is the largest cable operator in the Netherlands. As a communications provider, they provide Internet, television, mobile and landline services to millions of Dutch people. The Ziggo brand is also inextricably linked to Vodafone. Together, these two brands are one company - VodafoneZiggo. In addition, Ziggo is the subsidiary of the world's largest cable company Liberty Global.

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Ziggo’s Culture crew ensures that everyone within the organization is seen and heard. Every employee should feel at home, whether in the office or on a company outing. Our colleague Elvin tells you all about Ziggo‘s culture. To best ensure this, colleagues at Ziggo share three values.

  • Open Up: An Open Culture. Learn from each other by listening carefully.
  • Team up: working together. We do our best for each other and keep appointments.
  • Step up: challenging each other. Set the bar outside your comfort zone sometimes.

Latest vacancies

Ziggo is such a large empire that there are plenty of different job opportunities available. From customer service to the marketing and sales department or from key mechanics to sales staff in physical stores. For everyone, there is a position tailored to their needs. We would therefore like to get in touch with you about employment opportunities at Ziggo.


Ziggo is proud of its talents. When you start working at Ziggo, you specify your ideal work environment. This may just be in a chair at a desk behind a laptop, but when you deviate from this, Ziggo is there for you. The ideal workplace is also arranged for employees in wheelchairs, for example, or employees who need extra assistance. In fact, Ziggo does not discriminate between its valued employees.

Talent development is paramount at Ziggo! There is plenty of room to develop within the company and this provides opportunities.

Team spirit

The pitfall of a massive company is losing connection with your peers. Ziggo is extremely vigilant about that. By organizing events and fun things throughout the year, you are as close a team outside the work field as you are inside the lines.

A big party at the ZiggoDome or the annual Connect Run for charity. There is plenty of entertainment. So at Ziggo, it’s not just doing your work in a formal way. Together with your colleagues, you get the best out of each other.


Ziggo is aware of the impact it makes on society and wants to continue to conduct it in a positive way. Every year, Ziggo employees help thousands of elderly people get on the Internet and teach schoolchildren digital skills. Environmental impact is also high on Ziggo’s agenda. By 2025, Ziggo’s impact on the environment must be cut in half. This goal is achieved by recycling products and using only wind energy.

Fit and vital

Being fit and vital means being more comfortable in your skin. This also benefits your work performance. At Ziggo, it is considered important for employees to be fit and vital, which is why My Wellbeing was created. My Wellbeing houses online and offline tools, tips and services to get the best out of yourself.

In addition to physical fitness, much knowledge is shared about mental fitness. The possibilities of My Wellbeing are endless. You also get a discount on a gym membership and a new bike. Everything to get you through life as healthy as possible.

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Have you become enthusiastic, do you have a good command of the Dutch language, at least a mbo thinking level and do you simply feel like starting a fun job? Then don’t wait to apply. Choose from one of the open positions and send your resume to Ziggo. Then maybe you will soon be working at this reputable company.