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Are you looking for Samsung job openings? Samsung is the market leader in the Dutch smartphone market and at the same time one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Teleperformance has numerous job openings at Samsung online. Would you like to work at this global organization and do you get excited about electronics? Read on quickly!

Latest Samsung vacancies

At Samsung, they are looking for the best employees to fill the electronics company’s job openings. You can start at Samsung as an account manager, service expert, sales representative, or you can start working as a warehouse worker as an order picker or reach truck driver. At Samsung, you’re sure to find a job that’s just right for you.


Of course, we all know Samsung from its smartphones. But did you know that Samsung has much more to offer than just smartphones? The organization also develops refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, kitchen appliances and much more. Samsung has also made itself irreplaceable in recent years in the field of wearables, such as the Samsung smartwatch. So a versatile empire where quality of electronics is paramount.


When you have just graduated, you want to enter the field full of ambition. Still, all these experiences are new and may be quite a turnaround for you. Traineeships are also offered at Samsung that allow you to learn all kinds of things on the job. So it is not the intention that you will only work during a traineeship. Learning and development on the job is the focus during this period.


Samsung’s values are at the heart of what they do. Samsung focuses on principles to keep growing, innovating and challenging itself to turn values into action every day. The five values of are:

Human experiences

Samsung always puts people first. The company puts its employees and customers at the center of everything they do. No progress can be made without good relationships with employees and customers, according to the electronics company.


Progressive innovation

Samsung is constantly seeking and finding new ways to improve people’s lives. They do this by creating inventive products and services every time.


Rebellious optimism

Every day, every hour and every minute, Samsung challenges itself to change the world for the better. Samsung is aware of the impact it can have on the world. With this responsibility in mind, they reach for the optimal result every day.


Integrity and transparency

Honesty lasts the longest. This saying is as old as the road to Rome but very important for Samsung. By being open and honest with its customers and the ecosystem of its partners, Samsung is confident of achieving the best results.


Social improvement

Samsung is developing the latest gadgets. Everyone should benefit from technology. With this approach, Samsung goes to work every day. Samsung tries to achieve this by being accessible and sustainable.

Art of expression

The way Samsung expresses itself gives a good idea of what the company wants to convey.


Samsung is not afraid to share new and casual ideas. These new features are introduced just to inspire people to do more.



What you see is what you get. Samsung is not scripted or polished. Instead, the company embraces the beauty of real moments that make work relatable and challenging.



There is no industry in the world where evolution is as emphatic as in electronics. Samsung is evolving to move the world forward. It inspires people to try new ways of living.


Samsung’s experiences and stories brings humanity to the whole. The company is there to cheer people up and intrigue them.



Samsung feels responsible v00r the inclusive culture in the workplace. Working at Samsung means you can be yourself. The team strives to make every employee feel at home and have equal opportunities. The electronics magnate believes that promoting diversity in the workplace is essential for continued innovation.

Reframing Mindset

Within the team, the value of diversity is recognized.


Building awareness

From a business perspective, the importance of diversity and inclusion is understood.


Practicing Inclusion

Ultimately, various inclusive relationships are developed to lead change.


Learning and development

Employee development is an important starting point for the organization. The best growth and development opportunities are established with the goal of becoming the most inclusive leaders in the world.


Samsung is aware of the essence of an environmentally conscious future. The organization has applied environmentally conscious management in its daily operations and is taking the lead in keeping the electronic industry clean.

What to expect.

When you work at Samsung, you will receive a competitive salary and good benefits. Your workplace depends on the location from which you hold a position. Working from home is possible but you also have the opportunity to perform your new job at one of the many locations.

Apply directly

Would you like to work for Samsung through Teleperformance? Or perhaps for one of the other major brands? Do you fit within the profile of this global organization? Do you know you have the right mindset and are ready for a big challenge? Don’t wait and start applying immediately by sending an e mail with your resume and motivation. And who knows, you may soon meet your new colleagues from the diverse team. Apply with a mbo and hbo work and thinking level.