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Always a job

Teleperformance has several work locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. Whether you like to work close to you or prefer to travel the wide world, there is always a job for you. Read more about our different locations here and find a suitable work location near you.

Location Zwolle

Koggelaan 69 | 8017 JN

Zoetermeer branch

Ierlandlaan 45 | 2713 HH

Utrecht branch (Secoya Building)

Papendorpseweg 97 | 3528 BJ

Tilburg branch

Hart van Brabantlaan 20 | 5038 JL

Maastricht office

Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 7-9 | 6229 EN

Paramaribo Branch

Flexmall Surinamestraat 72

Antwerp office

Borsbeek Bridge 30 | 2600

Working from home

Do you love working from home? We have several work at home jobs available where you can do all, or part, of the work from home. You will save the travel time you would normally spend going to the office. This leaves you with extra time to devote to hobbies or family and friends. We make sure you have a good home office, where you can do all your work in a pleasant way.

Hybrid working or in the office?

Or do you prefer working in the office with your own desk and colleagues around you? We have several office positions available to you. We are located in several locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. A workplace is never far away and any travel expenses you incur will of course be reimbursed. Together with your team of colleagues, you go for the best results so that customers are satisfied. You are an ambassador for the brand you work for and your entrepreneurial spirit is something we can really use!

Hybrid operation is also possible. For example, you will work in the office for 1 day, performing tasks that you can do together with your colleagues. The rest of the days you can work from home. This way you still maintain the connection with your colleagues and have the freedom of working from home at your disposal.

Dutch-speaking and French-speaking vacancies

When you work for Teleperformance in the Netherlands or in Suriname, you will find mostly Dutch-speaking vacancies. But if you are working in Belgium or in the border areas, it may also be interesting to apply for French-language jobs. Thus, you will find several professions that require you to be multilingual to do your job well. We have several customers who also operate in Belgian Wallonia, where French-speaking customer service must also be provided. Are you proficient in French and looking for a new challenge? Apply directly to one of the available positions.

Working Abroad

Do you feel the need to work abroad? For example, we have several vacancies open in Belgium. Looking further from home? Then get to work in Paramaribo! We have our own contact center in Suriname where several job opportunities are available. We work with Dutch times there, so that means getting up early. One advantage is that you can be ready early in the day and enjoy the wonderful weather and life in Suriname!

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Each location has different functions

You will find different positions at different locations. Some locations specify to one function or even one Teleperformance customer. Other locations hold multiple departments from different companies. The Maastricht branch is our multilingual location. We offer our services there in about fifteen different languages.

Apply directly

When you come to work at Teleperformance, they look at you as a person and what position you would best fit into. Based on your qualities and capacity, we can offer you a suitable position. Come apply to Teleperformance and boost your career!