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Are you looking for job opportunities in Suriname? Then you’re in the right place. We are experts in pleasant conversations, and as far as we are concerned, the friendly and warm character of the Surinamese fits that perfectly. Hence, our global organization has also been operating in Paramaribo since 2015. Indeed, Teleperformance has grown tremendously in Suriname in a short period of time. With us, everyone, regardless of origin or gender, has equal opportunities. That makes us one of the most popular companies to work for.

Who is Teleperformance Suriname

On this page you can read all about Teleperformance Suriname, the people who work there and the latest job openings. Teleperformance is a company that operates globally and has been based in Suriname since 2015. What began as a small office above the cambio has grown into an organization with currently 400 employees in Paramaribo. But we are not there yet: our ambition is to grow to as many as 1,000 employees. To that end, we are looking for talented and motivated colleagues. To people who like challenges and are proactive. People like you.

Teleperformance Suriname currently consists of two spacious branches, centrally located on Surinamestraat. There, we offer comfortable flex work spaces, a leisure room and stylish lounge areas. From these locations, we represent our clients – major brands such as Samsung, Zalando and Lidl.

Everyone has equal opportunities

Despite our big-picture approach, Teleperformance feels like a family business. This is partly because of the corporate culture: with us, everyone has equal opportunities. Therefore, you do not need to have any education or work experience at Teleperformance. We think it’s not important who you are or who you know, but what your skills are and how you work. And this can be done at different levels. Many of our colleagues who started as customer service agents have moved up to staff positions, such as in management.

Teleperformance Suriname is part of an international, publicly traded company. Teleperformance began in France in 1978 and has grown to more than 300,000 employees in more than 80 countries.

The baggage you get at Teleperformance will benefit you for the rest of your life
Nathalie Senior Supervisor
The first day I received an immediate and warm welcome. This really feels like a family. Everyone can be themselves!
Jimmy Trafficer
At Teleperformance, you have all kinds of opportunities for advancement
Rachel Business Analyst

Vacancies Suriname

Would you like to work in this South American country? We have a large number of open positions in Paramaribo and would be only too happy to welcome you to our team. Our Talent Acquisition department in Paramaribo employs (corporate) recruiters and talent resources. They look forward to getting to know you and will be happy to help you find great jobs for you.

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What does Teleperformance do?

At Teleperformance, we answer questions and solve problems. We do this on behalf of large, international companies in various sectors. We uphold the reputation of these well-known brands by providing their customers with perfect service.

Teleperformance as an employer is much more than a call center. Whereas consumers in the past reached for the phone, today they expect to be able to contact them in a variety of ways. They send an e-mail, a chat message via Facebook Messenger or an app. Therefore, we provide our services through many channels. In our jargon, we call this omnichannel customer contact.

The best support

Customer service agents are the beating heart of our organization. With their service-oriented attitude and problem-solving ability, no challenge is too great for them. They enjoy helping people and ending every interaction with positive energy, whether by phone or message.

To maintain those positive vibes, we offer our interaction experts the best support. Team leaders, managers, HR professionals and IT experts help keep the quality of our services as high as possible. Many of these staff members have been agents themselves in the past, so they know exactly what the challenges and needs of agents are. There are also professionals who strengthen our organization with the experiences they gained at other Surinamese companies or from abroad.

Why is Teleperformance located in Paramaribo?

With offices worldwide, Teleperformance can not only cover all time zones, but also provide service in hundreds of languages. This allows us to offer our revolutionary customer service to the largest multinational companies.

Our growth has been rapid. Teleperformance was founded in France in 1978 and we now have offices in more than 80 countries. That Suriname is among them has good reasons. We list them below:


  • Provide employment
    Teleperformance is additionally aware of its socioeconomic impact. With excellent working conditions and a growth sector that guarantees jobs, we are an attractive alternative to traditional employers like the government. We are here to stay and are proud to provide a good living for hundreds of families.


  • Developing Surinamese potential
    We also play a role in the educational field. With our TP Academy, we help our candidates build the skills and competencies that will enable them to pursue high-level careers. Speaking correct Dutch and business writing are some of the focal points for our employees. And because talent is emerging all over the world, we see it as our mission to provide the best opportunities for high-potential job seekers. We offer everyone the possible opportunities for advancement.


  • Experts in pleasant conversations
    So are the location and language skills of the Surinamese the main reasons for opening a branch in Paramaribo Suriname? No. There is a much more important reason, and it has to do with Surinamese culture. The diversity, openness and natural friendliness of the Surinamese fits seamlessly with Teleperformance’s specialty: having pleasant conversations. Because even during the most efficient conversations, the tone remains friendly and warm, with a genuine interest in fellow human beings. And these are values that many companies like to project to their customers. No wonder some of our clients sigh, “If only there were more Surinamese in the world.”

Rachel Wolf

Nathalie Sweet

Call Center Supervisor

Vanithy Soetowidjojo

Business Unit Manager

Jimmy Ramsukh


Why work in Paramaribo?

Teleperformance is growing rapidly and always has job openings. That is a luxury in times when many Surinamese businesses are frugal. But before you apply, of course you want to know what it’s like to work for Teleperformance. You will discover this, among other things, in the personal stories of our employees. Every colleague cites different benefits, so we can expand the list of reasons below almost indefinitely.


High satisfaction

We invest in our employees and make every effort to create a pleasant working environment. That includes neat working conditions. Satisfaction surveys show time and again that people are proud to work for Teleperformance. Not for nothing do we have Great Place to Work certification.

Good remuneration

At Teleperformance, we work for major brands. Companies that are optimized to the smallest details and demand the same perfectionism from us. Doing excellent work is therefore important, but we reward you appropriately for it.

TP is fun!

We take pride in our work and achieving our goals, but we also know better than anyone how to relax. This play hard mentality is well reflected in TP Fun, our activity club. With that, we celebrate holidays, go out to eat together, play sports and celebrate the birth of children. Surinamese conviviality.

Strong growth ambitions

The world population is growing and with it the global economy is on an upward trend. That creates natural growth that benefits Teleperformance, but it doesn’t stop there: we want to become the most logical choice for global brands looking to outsource their customer service. Specifically for Suriname, there is an ambitious plan: to grow to about 1,000 employees. That presents great opportunities for you. You don’t need training or the necessary degrees. We will ensure that you can grow within Teleperformance. Are you growing with us?

Always a job opening for you

Teleperformance Suriname continues to grow rapidly. That means new jobs are constantly opening up in various departments and different levels, ranging from customer contact to recruitment and from work planning to management. We therefore have more than just Client Operations vacancies ready in Suriname. For example, is a Quality Manager job opening something for you, where you search through a raging sea of data for “gems” that offer unique insights? Or would you rather choose Training Manager vacancy to further develop our advisors and improve processes? There is always a job opening for you.

What do we stand for?

Teleperformance is a multinational company: a global company where many cultures come together. On the one hand, this is challenging, but on the other hand, it produces beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

At Teleperformance, we share a common mission: to provide world-class customer service. But there are many more things that bind us. To each other and to Teleperformance. This is at the heart of every job posting. Our core values, to which every employee agrees, sum them up best:



We have a great diversity in educational background, origin, age and future plans. Our work is also diverse, with new challenges every day. By showing respect and tolerance for each other, each Teleperformance office is a pleasant and inspiring environment. Also in Paramaribo. #PeopleofTP #DiversiTP


Everywhere we see opportunities. Opportunities to make a difference. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to create a smile and a good feeling. You won’t let an opportunity like that slip away, will you? In addition, Teleperformance offers plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and grow in position. #WeAreTeleperformance


Work hard, play hard applies to Teleperformance. Together we show great commitment. In a diverse team we solve challenging problems, regularly helping each other. More than colleagues, we are friends of each other. So close, it’s more like a family. #TPFamily

Working in Suriname

Working as a Dutchman in Suriname is a great experience, but obviously requires some preparation. In fact, you have to consider quite a few rules when you go to work abroad. Have you found a great job opening? Don’t let it stop you! At Teleperformance, we’ll help you do that as best we can. We completely relieve you by booking and paying for your ticket and arrange your lodging. There is even stocked refrigerator for you to get through the first few days. Want to know more about your position in Paramaribo and the terms of employment? Then be sure to check out this page where we talk more about it.

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