'Always up for fun and events'

The culture of Ziggo Customer Care through the eyes of Elvin

Originally from Rotterdam, Elvin moved for love. He is married to his wife Debbie and has enjoyed working at Teleperformance for more than 10 years now. Within the Ziggo Customer Care project, he is working as a Customer Service specialist.

Continually engaged in service and support

“I am always up for fun and am very involved in events from the project. You can safely call me the clown, Santa Claus or Easter Bunny”. In his position, he is constantly providing service and support to customers. Alertness, empathy and kindness is important here. “To give an example; Nowadays an Internet connection is even more important than ever. Many people work from home and need a stable connection. I not only offer these customers a solution but also understand the situation. It is much more than just performing a reset”. Within the team, much attention is paid to this.

Within the culture of the Ziggo Customer Care team, it is important that conversations end on a positive note. Your job is to make customers feel positive and really be there for them. Within the team, you will be actively encouraged to pick up the changes as best you can.

Team spirit is important

When you join Teleperformance, your execution will be supervised by your close colleagues. But your team manager and various trainers also ensure that you can develop yourself. To make you feel comfortable quickly, team spirit is well maintained by your colleagues. “I am on nesting myself and really try to heal new colleagues. Via the app, colleagues can also send me a message anytime. If I can help them with anything I am happy to do so”.

Together with your team members, you are in a group app. You sit with each other on the floor and support each other with updates and information. Your colleagues expect that same commitment from you. Times when more work is done at home make it a bit more challenging to work on team spirit. But through digital meetings, we ensure that we can continue to hear and see each other.


Motivation of colleagues

Not only team leaders provide the right motivation. Your close colleagues in the “Nesting” also ensure that you are and remain motivated. Elvin also notices this: “Team leaders give me confidence by letting me help with nesting. They give compliments and feedback on areas of improvement. The additional responsibilities allow me to grow and get involved in new challenges.” Together you work to improve customer service. You will have plenty of space to be yourself, so you will enjoy coming to work. With the motivation of other colleagues, you are able to develop yourself into the person you want to be.

Elvin's last words:

“Communicate with each other and keep moving. Changes at work are very normal. Delve into the matter, dare to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, after all, you learn from this. We are there for each other and we strengthen each other. Together we provide the best support for each other and for the customers of Ziggo and Vodafone. Stay positive, everything you do now has consequences for your future”.

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