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Have you ever wondered what the career opportunities are when you join Teleperformance as a Customer Service Specialist for Ziggo? To give you a good answer to that, we asked two of our colleagues to share their career paths with us.

We spoke with Kizzy Schuffelers (Client Support employee) and Kevin Beks (Team Manager) at Teleperformance. Both have been working on the project for Vodafone / Ziggo Customer Care since 2008 and 2011, respectively. Since starting their careers at Teleperformance, they have made considerable strides and progressed through various positions. Below you can read how they experienced that growth.


'My work is very diverse'

Kizzy lists her duties: “I handle the login process, provide access to all necessary systems to new colleagues and deal with everything related to fun and engagement.” A comprehensive set of duties for a Customer Service Specialist.
The fun and engagement tasks are especially diverse. Consider, for example, the organization of the Teleperformance Bingo and digital Yoga sessions. In addition, much attention is paid to RAK (Random Act of Kindness). This involves giving gifts to customers.

Kizzy: “I take care of the purchasing and distribution of the gifts, in addition to the fun stuff on the shop floor. Among other things, I arrange the gadgets and make sure the candy jar stays filled!”

Kevin is team manager at Teleperformance and manages a team of around 40 colleagues within the Vodafone / Ziggo Customer Care route. He is not alone in this. “I get support from 2-3 experts who help me coach and train colleagues.”

Long track record

So Kizzy and Kevin have been working for Teleperformance since 2008 and 2011, respectively. They both started out as Customer Service specialists. Then they advanced to their current position. Kizzy: “After one year, I advanced to the role of coach and quality expert. After working as a coach for several years, I advanced to Client support associate.

Kevin has also experienced a nice ongoing development. “After 2 years, I advanced to the Work Force Management department. Eventually I advanced from this position to Team Manager”.

‘Helping people is the most important thing to me’

A motivated employee is very important to us at Teleperformance. We think growth is an important contribution to that. Therefore, we offer our employees the opportunity to continue to develop and achieve goals.

Kizzy: “I really enjoy coaching and mentoring people. Because I am administratively strong and tremendously engagement-oriented, I made the move to Client Support. Engagement is important and this is where I like to spend my time. I think a good working atmosphere is important!”.

Kevin was able to develop mainly by looking closely at his own managers. “I saw the work of my own team manager and immediately knew, I want this too! I thought it would be fun to support and coach people. Helping people is the most important thing to me. I learned a lot myself in order to provide the best support to the people on my team. My manager made me better at the time; I would like to be able to do the same for my colleagues”.

Ambitions and training

To promote personal growth, we offer several training programs. These trainings help you develop yourself as an employee and as a person. In the past, Kizzy learned a lot mostly through hard work and exploring things on her own. Few training sessions were available then. Kevin has mostly done a lot of self-study to develop and especially listened to his team manager’s tips.

Since then, Teleperformance has invested tremendously in mentoring and advancement opportunities. Everyone has the opportunity to sign up for trainings and we have created the JUMP program. In this, you will receive guidance from a special mentor who will help you grow.

We also see that ambition in Kizzy and Kevin. Kizzy: “I would like to advance to Engagement manager. Kevin hopes to eventually move up to Business Unit Manager, where you will be responsible for an entire project.

Working at Teleperformance

The work atmosphere are important reasons for Kizzy and Kevin to choose Teleperformance. You will be in a team with committed colleagues and fun things are organized regularly.

Kevin indicates that the diversity and hard work with your team leads to great connection. “Advancement opportunities are plentiful and there is a suitable project for everyone.

I really like Ziggo as a project where we all work incredibly hard. Everyone always says that we are a Ziggo family and we really are! We also invest a lot in engagement within the team.”


Tips for other Customer service specialists

Kizzy and Kevin have several tips for customer service specialists looking to advance within Teleperformance. Kizzy: “Committing yourself 100% is really going to help you grow. Dare to be critical of yourself and take advantage of the opportunities that Teleperformance offers”!

Kevin: “Invest in yourself. Make sure the basics are in order. And give yourself time to learn everything. Above all, don’t want to grow too fast, but don’t give up quickly either. Show what you have to offer!”

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