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More and more companies are offering customer care through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. At Teleperformance, you can work on a team that provides web care for well-known brands. A fun, varied job where you are in direct contact with customers. You answer questions in a tone-of-voice appropriate to the company. Sometimes you do this with a wink or a joke, but it is always important that the clients, and others who may be reading along, have a good feeling from the contact.

What does your work entail?

You are mainly concerned with customer service. You are the point of contact for the customer via social media. You will answer general questions about a product or specific questions about an order. Is a customer dissatisfied? Then you try to make him or her happy again. Messages that customers send via social media are mostly public, making it extra important that you respond promptly and handle communication in a professional manner.

If it’s about an order, ask the customer to contact you directly. After all, you cannot post privacy-sensitive information in a public message. In some jobs, you only work with social media. Other functions combine social media with phone calls or questions via chat or e-mail. Omnichannel communication is what we call this. This makes your work extra varied.

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Who is working with social media suitable for?

Are you completely at home on social media and love personal contact? Then this position is ideally suited for you! You do not need any specific prior education for this job. However, you will receive training from us where we will teach you the intricacies of the job, for example when it comes to product knowledge and communication skills through social media and other channels.

It is especially important that you have a proactive attitude and a lot of empathy, and that you enjoy helping people. We are looking for a flexible team player who enjoys creating pleasant contact moments with customers. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then apply directly to one of our social media jobs!

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Why work at Teleperformance?

At Teleperformance, you will quickly feel at home. You will work in a close-knit team of motivated, enthusiastic colleagues who keep the atmosphere great. You will receive all the training you need, which will also benefit you later in your career. If you are not sure how to answer a particular customer question, a Supervisor can provide inspiration. At Teleperformance, we work together to provide the very best service for our customers.

Did you know that at Teleperformance you get a contract right away? So you don’t first work through a staffing organization. We appreciate your qualities, which is why you can count on compensation that matches your work. Furthermore, in your time off, you will benefit from various promotions and discounts that apply specifically to Teleperformance employees.

Early bird or evening person? When you join us, there is always a shift that fits your rhythm. Because you have a flexible schedule at Teleperformance, your job is great to combine with a study, your family or your own business. We have both part-time and full-time vacancies waiting for you.

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What are your advancement opportunities?

Within Teleperformance, you have many opportunities for advancement. For a job in social media support, you don’t need experience. We pay for training courses that allow you to work on your communication and sales skills, for example. With this experience, you can also work in other departments: such as tech support or the commercial department. Furthermore, you can advance to a position as a supervisor or even Chief Operating Officer. You can also choose to work for a while at one of our branches abroad. Your personal ambitions are important to us!

What are your advancement opportunities