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Looking for Wehkamp job openings? With more than 400,000 different products from more than 2,500 brands, Wehkamp is a household name. More than 600,000 visitors visit the website and app daily, and 2.9 million regular customers are served.

Do you like the challenge of joining this fashion empire or do you just fancy a fun job? Then check out the latest job openings because there is plenty of work at Wehkamp.


Wehkamp’s headquarters have been located in the heart of Zwolle since 1974. At 110,000 m2, Wehkamp’s largest e-commerce distribution center in the world is located in the Hessenpoort business park. At Wehkamp Zwolle, every customer order is ready for shipment within half an hour.

In addition to all logistics, this distribution center also owns the Wehkamp Studios. Wehkamp’s photography is provided in these spaces. Fun fact: this distribution center was opened in 2015 by King Willem Alexander.

Vacancies Wehkamp

There is always work at Wehkamp. Wehkamp has grown so much in its 40-year history that the job openings are almost endless. From category management to working in the returns department. Apply and you will be notified of your application by email. If you are hired at Wehkamp, you have the prospect of at least a six-month contract and a competitive salary.


Wehkamp is here for everyone. With endless fashion offerings, Wehkamp is here for families with children of all ages. But students and the elderly also shop the latest fashion at Wehkamp. In short, Wehkamp has set the following goal: to make the lives of families in the Netherlands more beautiful and easier. Every single day.


Wehkamp’s success is due to its more than 900 committed employees. Wehkamp always puts its employees first. With Wehkamp’s open corporate culture, there is plenty of room for personal input, creativity and development. To maintain success, Wehkamp is looking for you immediately.

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Without committed employees, Wehkamp has not been able to grow into a leading player in fashion within the Netherlands. The room for development is one reason the 900-plus employees are so engaged. When you start working at Wehkamp, you don’t end up in a set pattern. Instead, you take on the challenge of developing yourself into an indispensable link within the organization.


Making the lives of the Dutch more beautiful and easier is a rewarding task, but there may well be something in return. The salary range of the vacancies can be found in the respective job postings. A proposal will ultimately be made based on your qualities, expertise and work experience.

Some of Wehkamp’s terms of employment:

  • Minimum of 25 vacation days and vacation allowance of 8.5%
  • Profit sharing and fixed year-end bonus
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Low employee contribution for your pension
  • The opportunity for development
  • Laptop and cell phone
  • Employee discounts on Wehkamp’s product range
  • Flexible working hours


Wehkamp considers team dynamics very important. So working at Wehkamp does not mean the full focus on your work. Each year, the organization organizes various events such as the Shoppingawards gala and celebratory kick-offs for different departments to maintain the team spirit that currently exists.

The core values

Wehkamp has three core values to which it adheres. By living these core values, organization and employees achieve results.


A Wehkamp employee learns from both successes and mistakes. Personal growth is a mutual commitment between employee and organization. Where you grow, Wehkamp grows; where Wehkamp grows, you grow.


You don’t take yourself too seriously. You can laugh at yourself and enjoy learning. With your positive mindset, the glass is always half full. Your impact on your colleagues is only positive.


Entrepreneurship is in your blood. You like to take the lead and eagerly look forward to entrepreneurship on a large scale within Wehkamp. Your collaboration can lead to a success story but you pick up the pen yourself.

Locally involved

Although Wehkamp’s footprint travels throughout Europe, the origins of the large organization are in Zwolle. Origin is not forgotten by Wehkamp. For example, Wehkamp has renewed its sponsorship with local Eredivisie club PEC Zwolle for another year. As a result, Wehkamp appears on the back of the PEC Zwolle jersey every match.


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Wehkamp is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. This already led to winning the Sustainability Award at the 2020 Shopping Awards. Recognition for the organization that reduced carbon emissions by 64% that year.

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