Workforce Management

The Workforce Management department, WFM for short, ensures optimal staffing within Teleperformance. The Workforce Management Department is a strategic partner of the Client Operations Department, by aligning staff capacity with the work and needs of the customers. Proper planning of the WFM department contributes to cost efficient staffing, customer service accessibility, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Workers in the workforce management department include trafficers and workforce specialists.

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What does a trafficer do?

As a trafficer, you will make daily translations from staff schedules, to reality. You ensure that there are enough contact center agents working, to handle incoming customer contacts. In doing so, you will be responsible for ensuring that customer service is easily accessible so that customers can be properly served. A trafficer watches for efficient use of available work hours and makes adjustments as needed. For example, if there is more customer traffic than predicted, the trafficer can ask employees if they want to work longer hours. Or conversely, whether the employee wants a little earlier time off because there is less customer contact coming in. As a trafficer, you thus ensure optimal use of available personnel.


Who is this job suitable for?

As a trafficer, you must have several skills. You are analytically strong, understanding the WFM process and schedules. All these figures do not leave you dizzy, you know how to convert them with ease into effective actions to make adjustments in staffing at the right time. In addition, you have communication skills and enjoy interacting with your colleagues. You can make the right connection with your colleagues and explain in understandable language why you are asking if a colleague can work a little longer, for example. You will be in daily contact with the team leaders and business unit managers of the Client Operations department. You advise this department on optimal staffing, as well as the productivity of colleagues. For example, you indicate at what time there is sufficient staffing so that coaching and training can take place.

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Why work at Teleperformance?

Teleperformance is a global expert in customer contact. Annually, our colleagues have contact with 30% of the world’s population. Our customer contact experts connect the biggest brands with their customers and ensure that every interaction is a unique experience.

At Teleperformance, you will be surrounded by enthusiastic professionals who are inspired and motivated. We invest heavily in creating the best work environment, job satisfaction and opportunities for career development.

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What are the opportunities for advancement?

Personal development is paramount in the dynamic world of Teleperformance. Boulders in their work always get the chance to climb higher. We’ll give you plenty of support with courses and coaching so you can achieve your ambitious goals. At Teleperformance, you can often move up within the location you work in, but you can often work at another location or even abroad. The world is at your feet!

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