The development of Christian Pijnenborgh, from Telemarketer to Commercial Director at Teleperformance

Do you have the ambition to become a director at a large company later on? With the right commitment, motivation and perseverance, this is possible at Teleperformance. A good example is Christian Pijnenborgh’s career trajectory. He is Chief Commercial Officer (commercial director) at Teleperformance Benelux. Starting as a sales associate, he was able to develop into the position he is in today. We spoke to him about his career and the motivation needed to grow.

Christian started as a telemarketer at Teleperformance 25 years ago. There he sold 4-week newspaper subscriptions for 16.95 guilders. Soon he showed his ambition and advanced to other positions. His positions have included team leader, project manager, deputy director and chief operating officer. From his last position, he advanced to his current position; commercial director.

Growing with Teleperformance

Christian has a continuous drive to make customers and employees happy. That is one of the pillars by which he has grown within the company. When he started at Teleperformance 25 years ago, it was still a small company with about 100 employees. It had one branch in Tilburg where only outbound activities took place.

It is now a large company with thousands of employees. It has several branches at home and abroad. The company has evolved into a “Business Process Outsourcing” provider in the field of customer contact and service. During that evolution, Christian has grown with the company.


Motivation to move forward

Christian is always interested in new developments in care and innovations. As a result, he is able to make sense of issues at any level. Partly because of his commercial and operational experiences, he can provide a good solution to a customer. Or as currently in his current position, the potential customer.

With a healthy dose of motivation, Christian works to achieve the company’s goals. A working day is not successful for him until they have grown another step in this.

With the right motivation, it is quite possible to achieve these goals. It gives Christian a nice feeling when goals are met.

"We are constantly working on completing the annual plan and meeting our sales targets."
Christian Pijnenborgh CCO at Teleperformance Benelux

Advice from Christian to grow on

Would you like to advance to a top position within Teleperformance? Christian has some tips for you. For example, he indicates the importance of following your gut. Don’t be afraid to share your business ideas with your colleagues’ and supervisor. Certainly the last person can help you work out your ideas. Christian: “Indicate what your ambitions are in which area. So that this is known to the people who can help you”. A goodemotivation is going to help you do this.

In addition, it is wise to keep a close eye on job openings. As many as 70% of all staff positions are filled internally at Teleperformance. Thus, you are able to grow within the company, all the way to the top management positions.

Working at Teleperformance

Like Christian, would you like to advance to a director position? At Teleperformance, you will have room to grow. In fact, the company is evolving into a Full Service organization. Here, knowledge in the latest technologies and care plays an important role. With this knowledge, you can provide the best solution for a client or other situation.

If you have the right motivation to grow, there are many opportunities within Teleperformance. Discover your qualities and use them to develop yourself. You can apply directly to available jobs.

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