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Part-time vacancies

Part-time jobs are great for people who do not have room in their week for a full-time job. With a part-time job, you work part-time, leaving more time for other activities or commitments. At Teleperformance, we therefore have many part-time job opportunities available in various industries. Are you looking for part-time work? Read all about it on this page and apply today for the part-time position that is right up your alley!

Parttime vacatures

Different shifts for your optimal schedule

If a steady job from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm is not for you, you have come to the right place! In fact, Teleperformance offers plenty of new jobs with morning or evening shifts, weekday shifts or weekend shifts. We often work with a rotating schedule, taking into account your availability, of course. In short: we demand and offer flexibility.

Why do we have such wide opening hours, you ask? Because we handle customer contact for well-known brands such as Zalando, Wehkamp and bol.com. In many cases, these clients provide service seven days a week. Whether customers have a complaint, a question about an order or doubts about a product – your colleagues and you are there for them. From home or at one of our offices.

We work for:

Flexible use of your working hours

Working at Teleperformance is ideal if you have a busy life. For fathers and mothers with young children, part-time work is well suited. That way, in addition to your work, you have plenty of time left over for the children.

If you are a student, our flexible work schedule allows you to earn money while studying. If you play in a band and are often out in the evenings, you can choose to work during the day. Does your partner work at night? Then you can adjust your availability accordingly so that you see each other during the day. In consultation we determine your working hours for your part-time job. Are you curious about all of the job requirements and/or do you want to apply directly? Take a look among our current job vacancies!


You determine your contract

At Teleperformance, we work with min/max contracts. These come in all sorts of combinations, starting with part-time jobs of 16-20 hours and rising to full-time contracts of 32-40 hours. There are all kinds of intermediate forms; you decide which contract you want to go for. Depending on how busy and busy you are, you will work the minimum or maximum number of hours of your contract type. In consultation with you, we then plan your work week. Of course you get paid more on Sundays and in the evenings after 10 p.m., which can be nice. We make the schedules as far in advance as possible, so you know where you stand in time.

Looking for work nearby

Teleperformance was set up four decades ago in France. We are now the market leader within customer service and Teleperformance has grown into an organization operating in more than 80 countries. We have already opened several locations in the Netherlands as well, spread across several provinces. Thus, you will always have an office available in your vicinity.

Our locations


Right across from our client bol.com you will find Teleperformance’s Utrecht office. That’s a convenient collaboration! By phone, email and chat, we are available to bol.com customers. Thanks to the wide opening hours of this customer service, we offer a lot of flexible and part-time vacancies in Utrecht.


Easily accessible from The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht: that’s our facility in Zoetermeer. In fact, we have no less than two offices in this place! Depending on the client, you can work here part-time or full-time, but working from home is also possible. Check out our vacancies Zoetermeer.


Our Maastricht office has wonderful leisure spaces. This branch is a true multilingual hub. You can hear more than ten different languages here, including, of course, Dutch. If you speak a good word across the border, check out our part-time multilingual jobs in this cozy city. But even if you only speak Dutch, we have plenty of opportunities. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon be representing Ziggo or Samsung?


For part-time
vacancies in Tilburg
Teleperformance is your logical choice. In our customer contact center on Spoorlaan, 300 employees alternate shifts. This allows us to serve the customers of our clients bol.com and Ziggo from morning to night. We are preferably looking for flexible employees.


Teleperformance also offers part-time vacancies in Zwolle. We provide customer service for bol.com and Wehkamp. You choose how many hours you want to work per week, and together we figure out the best working hours. Teleperformance’s brand new building, with pleasant relaxation areas, can be found just a four-minute walk from the train station.


Teleperformance also has a state-of-the-art office in Belgium. On the Borsbeek Bridge in Antwerp, you can work for our various clients in peace and quiet or together with your colleagues. In Belgium, you will work for major brands such as Proximus, Luminus and Exterioo.


Always wanted to work part-time
working abroad
? In the Surinamese capital of Paramaribo, we are making great strides. Our most exotic location is looking for part-time and full-time toppers to represent Samsung or MediaMarkt. We’ll pay for your ticket and arrange an apartment so you can get started right away. Of course, if you already live in Suriname, you are also welcome.

Werken vanuit huis

Your job from home

The corona pandemic taught us that working part-time from home does not have to affect your performance. You can also work part-time jobs from home at Teleperformance. All our employees, including those with part-time employment, receive professional hardware from Teleperformance. That way you can do your work well from home. This prevents public transportation delays, biking through the rain and long trips. Are you looking for part-time jobs from home? Check out our work-at-home jobs.

Home work vacancies

When do you work part-time?

In a part-time job, you work part-time. That means working less than 40 hours a week. Part-time jobs are always jobs where you work a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 36 hours. Consider a job of, say, 16, 24, or 32 hours per week. But you are also welcome at Teleperformance for just a few hours a week. After all, how these hours are distributed is entirely up to your needs. In consultation, we will see when and how many hours you are available. Together we look for a suitable solution with a client that suits you. On our job page, you can easily filter by the number of hours you want to work. Select part-time vacancies and choose the job that suits you!

Have you found a great job?

Is a part-time job ideal for you to combine with other pursuits? Would you like to have time for your children or a study, but would you like to earn some extra money? Great part-time job opportunities can be found at Teleperformance! Apply now and join the #TPFamily today!