What does your work entail?

Commercial positions at Teleperformance are generally inbound. That means that customers call you, email you or otherwise contact you. In some projects we contact end users ourselves, for example to check if the customer is satisfied with the product or if they might want to purchase additional services. In addition to sales work, you will sometimes give product advice or handle administrative tasks.

Teleperformance represents several well-known brands, including Tele2 and Caiway. You are the point of contact on behalf of these brands, such as when customers want additional service or have a question before making a purchase. Customer contact in some cases is also by e-mail, chat and sometimes even social media: omnichannel communication, we call it.

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Who is this job suitable for?

You do not need any experience for this position. What does come in handy is empathy and the power to convince someone. So good communication skills are important, but you really don’t have to sell smooth talk – quite the opposite. It is especially important to be able to tell an honest and balanced story. An effective salesperson knows how to articulate what a product or service can bring to the user. Thanks to your positive attitude and pleasant interaction, you create a win-win situation time after time.

At Teleperformance you will receive extensive training, for example on sales techniques and the best way to speak to customers. We will make you a seasoned salesperson! Even your phone voice can be tinkered with.

Working at TP is challenging and my advancement opportunities have led me to the work that suits me best and is most satisfying.
Roy Timmermans System Engineer

Why work at Teleperformance?

At Teleperformance you will work in a team of sociable and enthusiastic colleagues. You motivate each other to achieve good results. With us, you get a contract right away, so you don’t work through an employment agency first. We value our employees! Furthermore, in your time off, you will benefit from a variety of promotions and discounts exclusive to our staff members.

Are you at your best first thing in the morning? Or are you more of an evening person? At Teleperformance, we work in shifts and you can specify when you prefer to work. Alternating early and late shifts is also possible, of course. Furthermore, we have both full-time and part-time vacancies, allowing you to perfectly combine your job with your family, a study or other activities. We are very flexible!

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What are your advancement opportunities?

At Teleperformance, you’ll have plenty of room (and training paid for by us) to develop yourself. With the experience you gain in our sales department, you can also work in the tech support or social media department, for example. Advancement to a supervisor position or even Chief Operating Officer is also possible.

Did you know that we also have branches in other countries? If you like the idea of gaining experience abroad, you could spend some time working in a sunny destination, for example. Foreign experience does well on your resume anyway. Teleperformance supports you in all your ambitions!

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