Speech and interactions analyst

As a Speech and Interactions Analyst, you pay close attention to what callers say. You have the overview of all conversation topics and identify changes in speech patterns. This allows you to quickly discover when a product or service begins to show problems and optimize the performance of customer service staff.

What does a Speech and Interactions Analyst do?

A Speech and Interactions Analyst has access to large amounts of data. Supercomputers record all the conversations your colleagues have and analyze the words and phrases customers use. For example, is the word “problem” often mentioned in the same breath with a particular product? This may indicate a faulty batch, malfunction or other issue.

Instead of relying on customer service call tickets, you can go directly to recordings of calls or even listen in live to calls in progress. This enables you to make quick decisions about what action to take.

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Who does a job as a Speech and Interactions Analyst suit?

To become a Speech and Interactions Analyst, you need to love not only language but also numbers. We know that that combination of language sense and science subjects is pretty unique. Therefore, the right person can expect attractive pay and excellent benefits, in addition to a job that is never boring in a challenging and fun organization.

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Why work at Teleperformance?

Teleperformance is an international organization that works with big names ranging from multinationals to government agencies. We are experts in pleasant conversations. To provide the best service to our clients, we deploy new technologies such as speech and interaction analytics.

Do you enjoy pushing your personal and professional boundaries? Is communication your passion and do you get energy from connecting with people? At Teleperformance, you get the room to grow and we give you the best available tools to do so. You will work as part of a team with enthusiastic, ambitious colleagues at the world leader in omnichannel customer contact.

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What are your advancement opportunities?

At Teleperformance, growth is the only constant. We invest in each other and want you to be in the right place. You will enjoy attractive benefits and attend courses to take your skills and knowledge to the next level. You also have access to a wide variety of job opportunities, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Specifically, Speech and Interactions Analysts have the opportunity to advance to a position as a team lead, Business Unit Manager and eventually perhaps one of our Central Officers. With us, the world is at your feet. Therefore, you would do well to keep an eye on staff vacancies while working as a Speech and Interactions Analyst.

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