What does a conversation designer do?

Our clients want to deliver customer service through all major channels. Therefore, telephone service and e-mail service are increasingly being expanded to include chat channels. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are popular platforms for this, but there are also quite a few websites that install an independent chat feature.

Such a chat conversation is largely automated – customers talk to a chatbot. And that chatbot needs to be “fed” information. On the one hand, he must understand users’ questions, and on the other hand, he must provide answers and solutions. As a conversation designer, you make sure the chatbot has fluid conversations. You will work with specialized software and regularly spar with the data analysts and knowledge base specialists.

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Who does a job as a Conversation Designer suit?

As a conversation designer, you need all kinds of skills. You write flawlessly, have great people skills, know how to hit the right tone and work well as part of a team. You are not born with that unique combination of talent and knowledge. Some experience, gained during your education or (side) jobs, is therefore something we value.

At Teleperformance, we work hard and laugh a lot! When you show what you have in a positive way, there are many opportunities.
Soumia Ferkouche HR advisor

Why work at Teleperformance?

When it comes to customer communications, Teleperformance is a big player. With offices in nearly 80 countries, we provide customer contact for well-known brands. To uphold our reputation, we put our shoulders to the wheel. But commitment is rewarded, and so the opportunities for advancement are extensive.

When you join Teleperformance, you can count on excellent benefits. Couple that with the informal atmosphere, interesting colleagues and hip offices, and you have the ideal balance of professional challenge and personal growth.

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What are your advancement opportunities?

Teleperformance is experiencing stormy growth. This is why we are constantly looking for motivated, enthusiastic employees, ranging from contact center agents to specialists such as conversation designers. We support you in your ambitions and encourage you to develop your initiatives. As far as we are concerned, those who demonstrate complete mastery of their work are suitable for a step up. Please also check out our staff positions.

What are your advancement opportunities