Interview with a team manager

Do you want to develop yourself and learn many new things? At Teleperformance, you’ll have plenty of room to learn new things. Within the Ziggo Customer Care team, we will train you to the best of your ability to take the next step.

You take that next step by attending various training courses. To give you an idea of what these trainings entail, we spoke with Mark Cimmermans. He is a team manager at “Nesting” and will tell you more about the trainings within the Ziggo Customer Care team.

Guiding new people from A to Z

As Team Manager at nesting, Mark is responsible for mentoring new employees. These employees have just completed initial training and are now being prepared for customer contact. His career at Teleperformance began in 2015 in the department he now leads. At the time, he was working as an employee in the UPC department.

Soon Mark found out he wanted to continue growing and took the JUMP route. During this course, you will be assigned a mentor and attend various training sessions. Your mentor and team leader will guide you through this process and help you pursue your goals. After the JUMP program, Mark was able to begin his job as team manager.

All of my work is linked to mentoring and coaching our new colleagues.
Mark Cimmermans Team Manager

Personal development is incredibly important

To continue your development, various training courses are available. So too on Teleperformance’s online platform where you can find various E-learnings. Physical training is also provided to help you improve your daily work. These trainings are 1-on-1 or in groups.

During these trainings you will be given a number of objectives and practical assignments. Together with others, you interact and learn from each other. The conversations with your colleagues are of great value. Because those conversations are precisely what make the trainings so much fun. At these trainings, you will get to know your colleagues better and a close team feeling will develop.

There is a wide range of different trainings. Thus, you have a wide choice of traits in which you want to improve yourself. After all, your personal development is extremely important to us.

Advancement opportunities

For people who want to grow in their careers, Teleperformance is the perfect employer. Within Teleperformance, you will be given every opportunity to grow. More than 70% of vacancies are filled internally. So you have more than enough opportunities for growth. Mark also experienced this.

Managers will make sure you get the right support. It is up to them to guide you and your colleagues in this as best they can. You are never at a standstill in your development and benefit in your further career from all the things you have learned.

At Teleperformance, you have good advancement opportunities. Everyone gets a chance here, but you have to grab it yourself.

Getting started as a Customer service specialist

For those looking to get started as a customer service specialist at Teleperformance, Mark has a few more tips. “Get started and embrace the project! No two days, indeed, no two situations are the same”. And that is what other of Mark’s colleagues also agree with. They too report that it feels good to find the best solution for the customer. You always make sure the customer leaves the phone call feeling satisfied.

After all, you’re not just looking at the problem, but trying to paint the whole picture. No two situations are the same and you respond to the needs someone has. It is very annoying when the Internet does not work when you have to participate in a digital meeting.

Often the solution is close at hand and you can satisfy the customer quickly. That makes the Ziggo Customer Care department a lot of fun!

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