What does sales training within Teleperformance look like?

Are you curious about what a sales training program looks like at Teleperformance? Then you have come to the right place. We talked about this with Annot Grootveld, trainer of Sales Projects within Teleperformance.

Annet has now been with Teleperformance for 12 years and has held various positions. Her daily work currently consists of facilitating training sessions. She also, with a colleague, puts together customized training courses for students.

Training at Teleperformance

When you start working at Teleperformance, you start as a “new hire.” You then get to see what the processes and systems look like in 5 days. You will also be explained the systems used by the client.

The trainings go into detail about the skills you are going to need. So you can offer a customer, from a service standpoint, a great deal. You are an ambassador for the company. Much attention is paid to this in the training.

In addition, in-depth training is also provided. This is completely customized by me and my colleague. Depending on the training, it can take from hours to days.


Opinion of students

Several students report that they are well guided during the training they attend. Often Annet receives rave reviews from participants. “Very good, clear and lucid explanation. It is an effective training.”

In doing so, it is important as a trainer to remain calm and repeat the material. This allows students to take steps in the work faster. We also see this among several students who have taken in-depth training.

"Several advisors have come to me to indicate that the skills from the training have had a positive effect on their client contact. Very valuable to hear!"
Annet Grootveld Trainer for Teleperformance's sales projects

Suitable for people who inspire and enthuse

This job is ideally suited for people who want to inspire and enthuse others. In the trainings given, you’ll get handy tips and tricks on how to make customers happy. This will allow you to perform your daily duties at Teleperformance in a proper manner.

This also helped Annet when she joined Teleperformance in 1999. With her enthusiasm, she sold name listings to SMEs in the Yellow Pages. Later in her career, she went on to work as a Customer Service Representative, Supervisor and eventually became a Trainer.

The enthusiasm of her colleagues was inspiring. She has advanced to her current position with good guidance and training. And with that, she is immensely satisfied!


Develop yourself at Teleperformance

Like Annet, you too can develop yourself at Teleperformance. We provide a nice environment where you can be yourself. The atmosphere is mutually enjoyable and you get the opportunity to grow.

If you have the ambition, Teleperformance is a fine company to work for. That’s why I’ve been employed there for so long!

Do you see it as a challenge to develop yourself in sales? Then Teleperformance’s sales training courses are just what you’re looking for. With us you will learn all the sales techniques you are going to need. You can benefit from this for the rest of your career. Especially the in-depth training courses are useful to brush up on your sales techniques.

Are you convinced and want to get started? Use the button below to view Teleperformance’s available job openings. You can start taking your first training courses almost immediately. Develop yourself into one of the best Sales Agents out there and rise to the challenge!

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