I buy nice jewelry from my bonus

Have you always wanted to buy nice things from a bonus you earned? Then you’ve come to the right place at Teleperformance. When you work as a Sales Agent, you may be eligible for nice bonuses. With this you can buy nice things that you have always wanted.

Many people consciously choose the job as a sales associate. You help customers make the right choice for them. With making the right choice, you too can pocket a nice bonus. A win-win situation!

This was another reason for Malu Njoroge to join Teleperformance. She works on the MediaMarkt Outbound sales team.

Sales associate at MediaMarkt outbound

In her position, Malu helps people renew mobile subscriptions. She has been doing this since the summer of 2021. Before that, she worked at Tele 2 in the inbound and outbound departments. There she faces a number of targets. She must pass these to receive the bonuses.

From this she buys nice things for herself. But she also buys gifts for her boyfriend and family members. Things like clothes, perfume and jewelry. Every day she is working to meet her targets. Together with her colleagues, they support each other to achieve goals.

"I like the fact that on the 10th of the month, I get extra rewards for achieving my goals."
Malu Njoroge MediaMarkt Outbound sales team member

Meeting targets

Malu always tries to meet 100% of the targets. But sometimes you have to be satisfied with a little less. “This month I am going to meet half of my targets, which is twice as much as the month before.” You should really think of the bonus as something extra, with which you can increase your income.

This job is definitely not for everyone. You must enjoy helping people make the right choices. It is helpful if you are solid in this regard. Not being afraid to address people, but rather enjoying interacting with people. You definitely need these traits to become a good sales agent.

Working as a sales agent at Teleperformance

When you start working as a Sales Agent at Teleperformance, you can go in any direction. There are several teams you will be placed in. This depends in part on the location where you will be working. You will then join a sales team where you will learn all the tricks of the trade. These traits are useful because you can continue to use them in your future career.

Together with your colleagues, you encourage each other to get better every day. That way you can better serve customers, as well as make more money. Because if you meet your targets, you are eligible for a bonus.

Malu also comments on the fun of working at Teleperformance. “Especially also because you have a wide choice of different activities. Like calling or chatting. Or you answer different tickets”.

Does it also appeal to you to earn a salary and do your best for an extra bonus? Then the profession as a Sales Agent is the right job that suits you. You can use the button below to view all Sales vacancies.

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