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The burgundian capital of Limburg, with a population of over 120,000, is also the province’s largest municipality. Are you looking for new vacancies within the Maastricht region? Job openings that fit within every age group and interest area? On this page, read all about working in the vibrant city of Maastricht and check out the latest vacancies. Maastricht goes into your heart!

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Teleperformance Maastricht

Teleperformance Maastricht has an office to say YOU to. With seven floors (including an elevator), several coffee corners on those floors, a private locker for each employee and a nice canteen with a company restaurant, the office meets all needs and wants. The location of the Maastricht office is also approaching perfection. Less than a five-minute walk from the Maastricht Randwyck train station, the office is very easy to reach for everyone.

Multilingual location

The Maastricht branch is our multilingual location. We offer our services there in about fifteen different languages. Want to know more about Maastricht, these interesting jobs and the different languages? Then check out our page on Multilingual vacancies or contact our Talent Aqcuisition Team.


Market leader in customer contact

Teleperformance has been an industry leader in customer experience management for more than forty years. Teleperformance’s services combine human contact and advanced technology to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Teleperformance is now established in more than eighty countries and can rightfully call itself a true global player.

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Advancement is our standard

A key pillar within Teleperformance’s organization is employee development. Living proof of this is our CEO. Did you know that our CEO started in Teleperformance’s call center? Because of all the advancement opportunities that were offered, our CEO progressed to the position he now holds.

Teleperformance’s goal is to offer you that new challenge. We do this by making available a wide range of job opportunities. So too at Teleperformance Maastricht. Think call center jobs, francophone jobs, or do you set your sights on being a webcare officer for large companies? Even if you have not yet gained relevant work experience, that is not a problem. We offer jobs without a degree and give you a career boost with the right training.

Working in Maastricht

Would you like to work in the most burgundian region of the Netherlands, namely the province of Limburg? Then get to work for Teleperformance Maastricht! Maastricht is a real tourist attraction within the country’s borders. With famous squares like the De Markt and the Vrijthof, to which Andr√© Rieu is inextricably linked, Maastricht truly feels like a city where togetherness is paramount.


Historic and authentic center

Have you visited Dominican bookstore yet? This bookstore located in a church really must be seen. The photos on the bookstore’s website already give an insight into how cool this location is. When you are in the middle of this bookstore looking for your favorite books, you live this experience many times more intensely.

We all know the historic and authentic center of the city of Maastricht. But did you know that less than five minutes from that center is the cozy Wyck neighborhood? Wyck is home to all kinds of fun and cozy places to eat and drink. The ideal place to relax with your colleagues after a busy working day at Teleperformance Maastricht. In addition, Maastricht is also a real student city. With Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht has 16,500 students based in the city.

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Full-time and part-time vacancies

For students at Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool, for example, a flexible side job at Teleperformance Maastricht is a real godsend. With us you can work super flexibly because of the wide opening hours. Part-time job opportunities in Maastricht are up for grabs for this target group. But also the older target group, where a full-time job does not fit within the schedule, is eligible for a part-time job at Teleperformance Maastricht. Vacancies abound at Teleperformance Maastricht!

Do you have the opportunity for a full-time position? Even then, Teleperformance Maastricht has plenty of current job openings available for different target groups. Find jobs in your favorite region and join the #TPFamily.

Start your career here

Are you looking for that fun job that motivates you? Are you ready for a new challenge where your development is a priority? And have you found jobs in Maastricht that suit you? Then apply directly to Teleperformance.