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Teleperformance stands for top quality service and great customer communication. For example, our contact agents in’s Contact Center answer all kinds of customer questions and solve problems every day. We uphold the company’s reputation and provide’s customers with the perfect service.

Each team of agents has a team leader. This is the support and advocate of agents and is also called the supervisor. Within the team at, these team leaders have an important job of facilitating, motivating and inspiring the team.

Wondering how that works? This blog post features (former) team leaders Michelle and Freek! They share their experiences within Teleperformance for our client

Team leader at

Four years ago Freek started as an agent at Since 2.5 years he is team leader for this client. He says: “I went through the JUMP trajectory. This is a track within Teleperformance through which you become a senior agent. You can see this as a stepping stone to the position of team leader.” During the JUMP!-traject you learn the basic skills you need to eventually start working as a team leader. Several JUMP! pathways start each month, so advancement opportunities abound.

Within his position, Freek is primarily concerned with his team. “As team leader, I am 80% concerned with the team: that is the most important thing for me. Think of standups, team meetings, individual conversations with agents and listening back to conversations. The other 20% I deal with administrative tasks.” Administrative tasks include scheduling, leave requests and monitoring performance. “The more attention you give to your team, the easier it is to meet targets.


Advancement to Business Unit Manager

Michelle started working as a contact agent at 5 years ago after completing two college studies. After six months, she advanced within Teleperformance to the position of team leader. However, study is not always necessary for this position. “At Teleperformance, we look much more at your skills and motivation than the studies you have completed.”

In fact, Michelle has since advanced to the position of Business Unit Manager. Within this position, she is developing and supporting the team leaders. “I am mainly concerned with the operation itself and less with the agents. For example, I work a lot on the coaching techniques of the team leaders and we are working on visibility for”

What Michelle likes about is that she gets a lot of freedom to schedule her time as she sees fit. “I have a lot of time for development.’s slogan is ‘the store of’ for a reason; it’s really your own thing. It’s really cool to work with a team on rock-solid service!”

"At Teleperformance, we look much more at your skills and motivation than the studies you have completed."
Freek Team leader

What have you learned the most from?

“I was 21 when I started as a team leader,” Freek says. “At the beginning, that’s exciting. Through this I learned the most about working independently and leading a team. It’s very cool that within Teleperformance you get the opportunity to do this work so young.”

Michelle also learned a lot from her leadership role. “You get to know the company well and develop your own way of managing. Every person is different and needs a different way of steering.” Michelle feels that giving personal attention is important. “I like to keep up the team spirit and express my pride to the team. That way everyone feels heard.”


What do you think makes a good team leader?

Freek believes that a team leader must be empathetic, analytical, and able to function well at both the individual and group levels. “It requires many different qualities, but that’s exactly what makes it fun and challenging.”

“A good team leader with us must also have the ‘ DNA,'” Michelle adds. “I would describe this as creative and fun. That’s because we value team spirit and the commitment of our team leaders.” In addition, characteristics such as reliability, integrity and approachability are mentioned. Michelle: “Above all, do what makes you happy. Work happiness is very important to us. As a team leader you really stand next to the people and not above them.”

Why choose Teleperformance?

“Teleperformance is very informal. Every employee gets involved and we work on team spirit, even in corona time.” As a result, Michelle likes her colleagues and the atmosphere; and we want to keep that feeling. It is also nice that Teleperformance works with a clear structure and good organization. “In addition, the opportunities for advancement within Teleperformance are especially great. We are living proof of that.”

Freek adds, “It’s very cool that you can work at Teleperformance with your own team that you watch grow. You do it together.”


Team leader jobs at Teleperformance

Work at a large, international organization with 300,000 employees with a family feel. Improvement is part of our DNA: if you have good ideas, you are more than welcome. Within Teleperformance, you not only develop others, but also yourself. We make a commitment to that every day.

At Teleperformance, there are numerous opportunities to become a team leader, within different projects. Do you have the ambition to grow? You can prove that you can take team performance to new heights in a modern, coaching way. Do you think it’s cool to help people discover that they can do much more than they might think themselves? Then this might be for you!

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