What qualities does a good team leader have?

Working as a team leader at Teleperformance is cool, for example, because of the young, informal work atmosphere. You will be working for one of our major clients. This particular role adds a healthy dose of impact.

In addition to being responsible for the performance of your team, you are also busy being creative and innovative. With the technology behind various customer care channels and applying the ultimate customer experience. You want to offer the customer the best service and know what it takes to make this happen, together with your team.

A good team leader has several qualities up his sleeve and is willing to develop in them. Think coaching, motivating, informing, reflecting, planning, analyzing and undertaking.



A good team leader is decisive and entrepreneurial. This involves a supervisor taking the initiative to manage behavior and implement areas of improvement. Finally, a team leader bears ultimate responsibility for the team. Both risks and opportunities are identified to improve results.

With these qualities, a team leader works daily to ensure the excellent performance of the team of contact agents. That includes the responsibility of set goals. By putting team members at the center of your work, you ensure that quality remains high and customer expectations are exceeded. Go for happy employees, happy customers and happy clients!


A team leader is both a motivator and facilitator. With your own vision, you know how to maximize the team’s performance. Both giving compliments and confrontation are not unknown to you. You understand that people perform their jobs really well when they are motivated from within themselves. After a setback, you keep smiling and look for the right solution.

As a team leader, you know your agents like the best and know what qualities they have. With courage and motivation, you put these qualities to good use. It is important that team members feel heard and seen by the team leader. If the team has a question or comment, the team leader is always available.

A star at planning

At Teleperformance, team leaders must have planning in place. You are proactive and organizationally strong. You come up with a plan in terms of time management. A good team leader balances what is needed for the operation with what is needed for the team. This requires multitasking to meet deadlines, but the team is always number one.

Analytical insight

A good supervisor works numerically and has analytical skills. You coach the team based on the achieved Critical Performance Indicators (KPIs), to achieve the best results. You do this at both the individual and group level. Thus, goals and KPIs are tracked and translated into appropriate actions. This requires problem-solving skills and performance orientation.

Focus on reflection

Team leaders have self-knowledge. You don’t just work on improving the performance of your team members. It is important to know what your own qualities are and how to use them. In addition, a team leader actively works on his own areas of improvement. Team leaders radiate to their team that they want to grow. The mission is to get the best out of yourself and your team every day with everything Teleperformance has to offer.

Coaching skills

A good team leader has coaching skills. You have the right communication and social skills to motivate and facilitate. You have to be able to lead a team. You know what is going on in your team and what each individual needs. As supervisor, you will guide the team and your own energetic and positive attitude will be contagious. You understand that having a people-oriented attitude gets you further and thus achieves your goals.

Source of information

A good team leader is a resource. Team leaders know what is going on within an organization and ensure the team is informed in a timely manner. A supervisor knows the best way to convey this. You represent the organization and are clear, honest and transparent.

"You're doing a lot of work on both your own development and that of your team, which is very educational."
Peter Tele2 team leader
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What are the main responsibilities of a team leader?

At Teleperformance, we ensure that our team leaders are given the right tools to properly manage a team. A supervisor coaches, supports, motivates, evaluates and develops so that he achieves both individual and team goals. That includes all kinds of responsibilities.

How a supervisor grows a team
  • A team leader is responsible for agents working through various channels, such as phone, email, social media and chat. Coaching, motivating and optimal functioning of the team are key. You create a pool of happy people in a healthy work environment.
  • You take care of the quality of interactions within your team. You monitor deadlines and work with KPIs, such as customer satisfaction and productivity. In doing so, you will contribute to monitoring and improving the client’s reputation.
  • As team leader, you identify the best opportunities within a project and identify risks. You are responsible for proactively implementing areas of improvement through clear communication.
  • You will perform administrative work around leave, sick leave, contract renewals and our internal HR system.

As a team leader, you carry responsibility for your team and make decisions for both the individual and the team. Together you will work for the best results, but you will be the one accountable to the Business Unit Manager. Decisions a team leader makes are about actions regarding performance: quantitative, qualitative and financial.

In addition, you will be responsible for day-to-day operational decisions at both agent and team levels. You proactively initiate various actions to improve performance and well-being and prevent problems. You will also think along on an operational and tactical level to optimize performance, achieve client objectives and implement internal improvements within Teleperformance.


Different forms of customer contact

Teleperformance is much more than just a call center. It used to be common for consumers to call when they had questions, but today people contact them in many different ways. Consider contact via email, social media, a chat message or via WhatsApp. This is also the case with Teleperformance’s clients. We provide support to Bol.com, Samsung or Ziggo, for example, through many different forms of customer contact.

As a team leader, you will be working for one of our clients. Within such a project, all possible forms of contact may be integrated within a team. For example, there are supervisors who guide agents with phone calls as well as chat calls and emails. This is different for each client and project. Therefore, we are looking for team leaders who possess a variety of qualities.

This is what the job of a Messenger team leader is like

Training for team leaders

When you start as a team leader at Teleperformance, the first month is all about getting to know the organization. You may have advanced from an agent position and are already more familiar within the company. You will learn how the internal systems work in the first few weeks and receive a customized customer-specific induction program.

When you are working as a team leader for a longer period of time, it is possible to change projects or clients. In this way, you learn new skills all the time and stay sharp. Teleperformance also offers a jump track for high-performing employees. This is a track where you can advance as a supervisor to Business Unit Manager, or department head, within a certain period of time. As a result, there are a tremendous number of career opportunities within Teleperformance.


Different types of team leaders

Teleperformance employs a wide variety of people as team leaders. Each client and project requires a different approach and supervisor. We also have multilingual projects, providing customer service in French or Italian, for example. There is something for everyone.

Sales team leader

A sales team leader is someone who leads tightly but does not put himself above the team. You’re part of the team. You are a coach, source of inspiration and facilitator. Someone who realizes that if you want colleagues to grow, you have to grow yourself. And someone who sees successes as team achievements.


You will be responsible for the sales performance of your team of about 15 to 20 agents. For example, customers are helped to find the right product or choose the right package. Customers are inspired by this team and provided with information to make a good choice. This can be over the phone, as well as via email or chat. So you work with a team of all-round professionals. To take the team to the next level, you will be there to connect, inspire and move the team. You are engaged in daily switching and making analyses about performance. No day is the same!

You get your colleagues on board with your vision based on your enthusiasm and persuasiveness. You empower your team members and keep them on their toes. You work daily to implement new ideas and you are not afraid to change the schedule every 10 minutes. Your ambition: to make both your team members and customers happy. In doing so, you steer daily on tight KPIs. Happiness is measurable!

Advancing from agent to sales team leader

Service Team Leader

A team leader within a customer care team supports the team with all incoming customer inquiries. You choose a revolutionary service. In this challenging role, you will facilitate and motivate a team of approximately 15 to 20 agents who work daily to serve all clients of one of our clients.

These customers can contact us via phone, but also, for example, via WhatsApp, email or social media. So it is important that you make sure the team is up to date with the latest technology. They also need to know how to get to the heart of the question or problem. Above all, they ensure that the customer ends the conversation with a smile in the end.

Do you know better than anyone how to turn a dissatisfied customer into an ambassador and how to lift a team of professionals to an even higher level? Do you want to motivate and inspire your colleagues to perform at their best? Then this might be for you.

Service team leader: ‘Team is everything to me.’
"At Teleperformance, we look much more at your skills and motivation than the studies you have completed."
Freek Team leader Bol.com

What are job requirements and required work experience?

No specific training is required for the team leader position within Teleperformance. What you can do is more important than who you are: with the right skills and competencies, you can be a good team leader. This depends on both the client and the project.

As a team leader, you have at least a demonstrable HBO working and thinking level. It is important that you have leadership experience and have worked on your communication skills. Experience within a customer contact department is a definite plus.

The application process for a team leader position

The application process for team leader consists of 6 steps:

  1. Application
    Thank you for your application! You will receive a response from our recruiter within five business days.
  2. Telephone contact
    If we have questions about your CV or motivation, we will call you.
  3. Calls
    Depending on the position, you will have one or more interviews with our recruiter, your future manager and immediate colleagues.
  4. Assessment
    You will take an assessment to see if your competencies and skills are a good fit for the position.
  5. Offer
    You will receive an employment terms offer by e-mail.
  6. New job
    You sign your contract digitally. Congratulations, you are now part of the #TPFamily!

Why choose Teleperformance?


International company

Teleperformance is a multinational company: a global company where many cultures come together. For example, Teleperformance operates in 80 different countries around the world. As a team leader, you can work in the Benelux as well as in Suriname. On the one hand, this is challenging, but on the other hand, it produces beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

Informal atmosphere

What makes Teleperformance special is its informal atmosphere. Even though we are a large company, there is little hierarchy and it feels familiar. Your new colleagues become friends, making it fun to work hard together toward a goal. With us, team spirit is paramount. This is the reason why many colleagues continue to work here for a long time!

Advancement opportunities

Teleperformance offers many opportunities for advancement, both vertically and horizontally. Consider advancing to team leader, Business Unit Manager, trainer or HR person. You can go either way provided you have the right mindset. Do you have any good ideas? With us, nothing is too crazy. We are eager to hear this one!

Our mission



We have a great diversity in educational background, origin, age and future plans. Our work is also diverse, with new challenges every day. By showing respect and tolerance for each other, each Teleperformance office is a pleasant and inspiring environment. Whether in Holland or Suriname, everyone is equal. #PeopleofTP


Everywhere we see possibilities and opportunities to make a difference. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to create a smile and a good feeling. You don’t pass up an opportunity like that, do you? In addition, Teleperformance offers plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and grow in position. #WeAreTeleperformance


Work hard, play hard fully fits our work ethic. Together we show great commitment and move mountains of work. In a diverse team we solve challenging problems, regularly helping each other. In addition, we celebrate our successes together. More than colleagues, we are friends of each other. So close, it’s more like a family. #TPFamily

"By the time I was 23, I was mentoring 20 people. I wouldn't have had that opportunity anywhere else."
Daniel Supervisor Samsung
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Team leader jobs at Teleperformance

Work at a large, international organization with 300,000 employees with a family feel. Improving is part of our DNA, so if your ways of working are successful, other teams are happy to adopt them. Within Teleperformance, you not only develop others, but also yourself. We make a commitment to that every day.

Within Teleperformance, there are numerous opportunities to become a team leader, within different projects. Do you have the ambition to grow? Within this position, you can prove that you can push team performance to new heights in a modern, coaching manner. Do you think it’s cool to help people discover that they can do much more than they might think themselves? Then this is really for you!

Even if you start as a customer contact agent at Teleperformance, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow into a team leader position. For this, Teleperformance has an internal training program called JUMP!