Do you enjoy working as a sales associate? Do you have it in you to convince people of a product or service? Then you’ve come to the right place at Teleperformance. We have several sales jobs available for you. Both at large national and international companies.

As a sales associate, aka Customer Service Specialist, you will be responsible for direct and indirect sales within a team of salespeople. As a team, you will be working for major clients such as Albert Heijn, Tele2, and Media Markt. The type of work is different for each client, but boils down to the same thing. In an enthusiastic manner, you try to close the deal with the customer.

Enthusiasm is also one of the pillars within Teleperformance. We want to emphasize team importance. It’s nice when you and your colleagues start your workday enthusiastically. Therefore, we regularly organize fun team outings to strengthen team spirit and enthusiasm.

What does a sales associate do?

As a sales associate, you will sell goods or services for various accounts within Teleperformance. This can be done by phone, chat and/or email. You interact with people who have expressed interest in a particular service or product. You are trying to convince these people to make a purchase.

Depending on where you will be working, you will be working for one of Teleperformance’s many clients. Depending on where you will be working, you will also perform different tasks.

In the Business to Business market, for example, you approach customers for daily groceries. These are delivered to the office to relieve this customer. Or you might get to work as an account developer for You spend longer in these trajectories building a relationship with the client. After a while, you can try to make the sale.

In the Business to Consumer market, you are dealing with consumers. Here, the path to purchase a product or service is shorter. You will work here in inbound or outbound sales and work with warm leads. For example, you help people get a new phone contract . For other providers, you again approach people for a fiber connection. The projects can vary quite a bit, and the methods change with them.

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What positions fall under sales or sales associate?

Getting started as a sales associate can be done in different ways and and in different positions. These positions can be quite varied, but have one thing in common. Ensure more sales and achieve your goals. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Here are some examples of positions within Teleperformance:

  • Sales and call center employees
  • Inbound or outbound sales associate
  • Junior account managers
  • Junior account developer

Sales and call center employee

A sales or call center employee talks to people by phone to purchase a product or service. In most cases, you are approached by the customer and can offer them the right solution. These people have all had previous contact with the company. This makes them more likely to purchase a product or service.


Inbound or outbound sales associate

As an outbound sales associate, you will proactively approach potential customers. You approach them to purchase a product or service. This is more the traditional side of the marketing funnel. In an inbound sales associate, you receive calls from the customer. You should be able to put yourself in someone else’s situation well. Through your empathy, you recognize sales opportunities. And you come up with the right solution to this person’s problem.

Junior account manager

As a junior account manager, you are more often working in the Business to Business segment. You will maintain relationships with existing customers and seek out new customers. For example, you approach these customers to place a (new) order. And helps them make the right choices.


What does your day look like as a sales associate?

The duties of a sales associate at Teleperformance can vary enormously. This is based on the client you work for. You are applying for one of the positions that are available.

In the Business to Business segment, for example, you are building a sales funnel. You get in touch with potential customers and then ask if you can send them additional information about certain products or services. Over time, you will be in touch to answer questions and/or comments. After this, you move to the next step of convincing customers about the product.

In the Business to Business segment, it takes longer to complete the sale. You spend weeks or months building a lasting relationship. This will get you loyal customers. These tend to spend more and stay customers longer.

In a Business to Consumer environment, different strategies apply. Here you go much more directly toward your goal of making the sale. You call the user asking if they are interested in a new product or service. After this, you try to complete the sale immediately. With other providers, on the contrary, you are called. We expect you to help the user to the best of your ability. You guide him or her to the right product.

Are there job profiles you need to meet as a sales associate?

You don’t have to have a degree as a sales associate to get a job in sales. Lack of experience need not be an obstacle either. All that is asked of you is that you are a good listener and take things in. In addition, a smooth talk and persuasiveness is also a plus.

You will learn various sales techniques at Teleperformance. You can benefit from this for the rest of your working career. In fact, these skills come in handy in a lot of situations. Like selling yourself relative to your peers. Or somewhere else selling products or services to a customer. Good sales skills are important in any contact.

To properly build your sales skills, you will receive full-time training. This is paid for entirely by Teleperformance. You will also receive extra guidance and some coaching from your team leader. This way, you continuously work on your sales skills and improve your interview techniques, product knowledge and general sales skills.

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What education must a person have to enter this profession?

At Teleperformance, you don’t need training or sales experience to get started. We provide the paid training and for you to master selling. Internal training starts immediately when you start working for Teleperformance.

Thus, you are able to become even better at selling goods or services. We provide the framework conditions; you flesh out your own sales skills.


If you achieve good performance and want to grow, you will join the Teleperformance JUMP! group. Herein are various training courses, coaching programs and e-learnings that you can use to get better at your craft.

When you take the JUMP! track, you will grow into a higher position when you have successfully completed the training. You will be fully prepared for the position, so to speak.

Within Teleperformance, we believe it is important that colleagues can continue to develop. Various training, coaching and e-learnings are available for this purpose. We also believe it is important to have the opportunity to grow in position.


What are primary and secondary benefits of a sales associate?

Primary benefits obviously include the salary you earn for the hours worked. The amount of your salary depends on the sales job you have chosen. Often at Teleperformance you work with targets and certain goals that you have to meet. This allows you to unlock additional bonuses in the form of cash or other incentives.

Of course, to your market salary you will receive vacation pay and vacations. If you live a little further away, it’s not a problem. You will then receive a travel allowance on top of your net salary. You are also directly employed by Teleperformance . You will not be seconded to other external parties.

Secondary benefits sales associate at Teleperformance

The fringe benefits at Teleperformance are good . So you get discounts on your gym membership and health insurance. In addition, you can get a hefty bonus if you introduce new colleagues to Teleperformance. This bonus is released when they successfully complete the probationary period.

You will also have access to training, coaching sessions and upskills that will make you a better salesman . You get to choose your hours for the most part and have a flexible schedule. In addition, Teleperformance stands for diversity and we make every effort to create a friendly and pleasant working atmosphere in your team.

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Are there additional in-house trainings that can be taken?

When you start at Teleperformance you will receive training on the system, product knowledge and basic sales training. The duration of the training depends on the project you are working for. After these training sessions, you will work intensively with your supervisor to improve your sales capabilities.

To develop further within Teleperformance, you can participate in the JUMP program. This is an internal training program for people who want to advance to higher positions. Because did you know that as many as 70% of positions are filled internally by people from Teleperformance? Plenty of room to develop and take the next step in your career.

70% of positions at Teleperformance are filled internally.

Who is qualified for the sales associate position?

If you want to become a sales associate, it is helpful that you have basic knowledge of certain products or services. It is also helpful that you can get out of your words fluently. By the way, these traits are also taught to you during your training. In addition, we need to be able to coach and train you well. Listening well and being able to absorb the metarion is important in this regard.

In the first sessions, we look at ways we can train you. In these conversations, guts and boldness emerge. We hereby check whether you possess this sufficiently. This allows us to better assess how to train you to become a top salesperson.

You help yourself if you really want to put the skimmers under it. People who really like and dare are capable of becoming a good salesperson. You will be better able to participate in the sales team as a result.


What competencies must a sales associate meet?

When you think of a sales associate, you often think of an extroverted person with a smooth talk. That image is often the correct one. But introverted and empathetic people are also ideally suited as salespeople.

If you want to join Teleperformance, it is helpful to have the following competencies in your pocket.

  • Possess computer skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Be able to work in a result-oriented manner
  • Listening, summarizing and being able to ask follow-up questions
  • You are a true team player
  • Pro-actively you look for the solution

If you lack some of these competencies, that need not be a problem. We can teach you those quickly and take them with you when you’re at work. The more qualities and competencies possessed, the easier the work becomes.

What is expected of you as a person to do this profession?

At Teleperformance, we expect you to enter the sales process with guts and boldness. You are not afraid to take the next step. You show that you have a competitive spirit and can get yourself off to a nice start verbally. A proactive work ethic can serve you well in this regard. With this work ethic, you are able to achieve your goals faster and easier.

In addition, we expect you to be a good listener. With this empathy, you can better help the customer. This will allow you to identify sales opportunities and ultimately begin to exploit them.

What are the chances of getting a job as a sales associate?

When you apply yourself to Teleperformance, your chances of getting a job are high. People who are good at selling products and services are in high demand. We can help you become a good salesperson.

Are you really eager to grow and become a better salesperson? At Teleperformance, you are given the space and resources to develop yourself.

Why choose Teleperformance?

There are several reasons to choose Teleperformance. Primary and secondary benefits are good. You will receive a competitive salary and work with various incentives. For example, you get bonuses if you meet certain goals and so you can directly influence the income you earn each month. In addition to these primary and secondary benefits, there are other reasons to choose Teleperformance:

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Working in a team

When you work at Teleperformance you will join a close-knit sales team. You will have the space here to develop yourself completely. Ideal conditions to develop yourself into a sales topper. Often the hashtag #TPFamily is used to emphasize connectedness within the team.

At Teleperformance, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. You must have a good command of the Dutch language and the right attitude. Then chances are you can join us. Your sales career gets a jump start when you start working at Teleperformance.

Growth and development

You choose us because you can develop yourself into a good and driven salesperson. We see many colleagues who hold top positions within the company, but started at the bottom of the ladder. This is because Teleperformance has given them the opportunity to grow internally. With the 70% internal filling of available vacancies, you will have the opportunity to follow your desired path in your career. You ultimately determine where you are going to end up.

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Apply directly to your desired sales position

Do you feel like getting started? We are an international organization employing more than 300,000 people. However, you will work in a close and steady team where you can be yourself. Do you want to continuously improve yourself and have the drive and guts to become a great sales associate? Now is your chance to take the plunge. Push yourself to unprecedented heights and get to work with a team full of cool people to start achieving your goals. See all sales positions below.

What are your advancement opportunities