What does customer service do?

Customer service is the customer’s point of contact. If someone has questions or complaints about a product, you are the one representing the brand. If at all possible, answer the question or solve the problem immediately. Perhaps you catch a signal that another product of the brand fits well. The ultimate goal of the interaction? Ensuring that the customer has a positive experience with the brand, even if he or she was angry or disappointed at the start of the conversation.

Gone are the days when customer service automatically made you think of a call center. New technologies allow you to serve customers in many more ways than just by phone. Omnichannel, we call it. Other options include e-mail contact, chatting, or answering social media messages. In some customer service positions, you combine these channels, which adds variety to your job.


Who are customer service jobs suitable for?

Customer service jobs are interesting for those who enjoy personal contact. You pair your people skills with the product knowledge you gain with us, resulting in as many satisfied customers as possible. You are entrepreneurial and positive, which translates into a proactive attitude and a great sense of responsibility.

As a “people person,” you have great empathy and are customer-oriented. You enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face. Your flexibility allows you to adapt well to new situations.

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Tech Support

If a customer has a technical problem with a product, you help them solve it remotely. Thanks to the knowledge base, you have answers to the most technical questions. If necessary, transfer the ticket to the second line. You won’t just be on the phone, but answering questions by email, chat or social media.

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Working in a customer service department requires a positive attitude and interest in people. Every day feels different, this variety makes it that I enjoy going to work every day.

Why work at Teleperformance?

At Teleperformance, you’ll find motivated, enthusiastic colleagues who keep the atmosphere great. With us, you don’t first work through a staffing organization, but get a contract right away. Thanks to promotions and discounts, you’ll also benefit from your customer service job in your spare time.

With many of our customer service jobs, you have the freedom to work an early shift or late shift, structural or shift work. This is ideal if you want to combine this work with studies, family life or work as a self-employed person. It is also possible to work part-time.

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What are the opportunities for advancement?

Teleperformance is the largest contact center in the world. With us, you will gain experience with great brands, which will look good on your resume. That doesn’t mean we get you ready to go. On the contrary, we take good care of you and offer you plenty of opportunities to grow. Professional, but also personal.

You will receive paid training that will allow you to work on your communication and sales skills, for example. With us, you shape your own career. Perseverance is rewarded. Just look at Bram Bogaerts: he started as a Customer Service Agent, but is now HR Project Manager. Or our Chief Operational Officer Pascal Matern, who also began his Teleperformance career delivering customer service.

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