Sales team leader at Tele2

At Teleperformance, you will work in a large, international organization with a family atmosphere. We work hard every day to provide the best service in a good working atmosphere. In doing so, our team leaders are an important part of our customer contact teams. As a team leader, you are the support and advocate of our agents (or advisors) on the shop floor. You work together on the goals to be achieved.

In this blog, we give you an inside look. Curious about what it’s like in the workplace? Steven and Peter are (former) team leaders at Tele2 and talk about how they ended up at Teleperformance, what appeals to them about the company and how they and their team stay happy.

Supervising sales campaigns

At Tele2, each team leader is attached to their own team of about 18 advisors. Each team deals with three inbound skills: acquisition, new customers and safe tasks. In addition, a small portion of the calls are outbound. To keep the positive vibe within the sales team at its best, the entire team works in the office. Cozy so!

From agent to team leader

On the shop floor at Tele2, Peter has been on the job for five years. After college, he began working as an advisor for Tele2 at Teleperformance. After a year and a half, he was asked to conduct new hires training. He eventually grew to his current position as team leader. “Many people grow through at Tele2. Currently, five of the seven team leaders on the shop floor have advanced from the role of advisor,” Peter says.


Steven is also the perfect example of advancement opportunities within Teleperformance. No less than 15 years ago, Steven started as an advisor while in college. He then advanced to an administrative position. After working for about two years, Steven became a team leader at Ziggo. Another six years later, he switched to sales at Tele2. “Meanwhile, I am Business Unit Manager at Tele2. This means I supervise and coach all the team leaders.” In addition, Steven is heavily involved in process improvements. “We are improving current processes so that in the future more and more time will be freed up for coaching sessions and result-oriented work.”

What qualities does a good team leader have?

According to Steven and Peter, a team leader at Tele2 is someone with perseverance. “No day is the same. You have to be very flexible and be able to let go of the schedule. You have to be able to deal with that.” Since Tele2 is focused on sales, being able to inspire the team is also very important. “You work with ambitious targets. To make sure the team performs well, an inspiring and bubbly character comes in handy.”

"You're doing a lot of work on both your own development and that of your team, which is very educational."
Peter Tele2 team leader

What will you learn most from as a team leader at Tele2?

Peter: “You learn to motivate your team and fight for them, instead of delegating. You are doing a lot with both your own development and that of your team, which is very instructive. For example, you learn a lot about the behavior of different people, but also about group dynamics.”

Connecting with your team is a big part of your job. As a team leader, 80% of your time is spent contacting advisors. The other 20% of your time is spent on administration. Consider, for example, timekeeping, commissions, travel reimbursements and performance tracking through Critical Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Why choose Teleperformance?

“Teleperformance is a young and dynamic company,” Steven believes. “You notice that team leaders say they consider their colleagues most important. This creates a playful way of working together.” Peter adds that the flexibility at Teleperformance is also nice. “We are given a lot of freedom and there is room for your own input. This ensures that you can continue to develop. I don’t like to stand still myself, so in the future I want to pick up more and more tasks and continue up the line. I get those opportunities at Teleperformance.”

Team leader jobs at Teleperformance

Within Teleperformance, there are numerous opportunities to become a team leader, within different projects. Do you have the ambition to work within a young and dynamic company? Check out our open positions and who knows, there may be a match!

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