Messenger team leader at Samsung

At Teleperformance, we work every day to provide great service for great organizations. As an employee, you represent such a well-known name, such as Samsung. And that is rewarding work!

Samsung’s contact center includes agents, team leaders, analysts and managers working together to maintain and improve customer contact. How exactly does that work? This blog features Laura and Daniel. They both work for Samsung and share their experiences.

Growing at Teleperformance

Laura has been working for Samsung for 6 years. She started as a webcare agent after her master’s degree in Business Communication. “I once started as an agent. The opportunities you get at Teleperformance have kept me here. Now I work as a project manager in the field of innovations.” This includes Laura dealing with all the innovations around the customer journey. For example, she is working on implementing new channels such as WhatsApp and improving a chatbot.

At Samsung, there is a lot of customer contact through online channels. Colleague Daniel says: “I started at Teleperformance 3 years ago as an agent in the social hub team. I had just finished my Media and Entertainment Management studies. I liked it at Teleperformance and got the chance to grow to team leader and business analyst.” He is now Business Unit Manager Digital and responsible for digital channels. What he likes is that there is a lot of room for your own ideas. “We can only grow by trying. Within Teleperformance, you get that freedom to learn.”


What are the duties of a team leader at Samsung?

A team leader at Samsung is responsible for about 22 agents within his contact center team. Daniel explains that this position is a combination of coming up with ideas and then developing them within your team. “A team leader is there first and foremost to be there for the team. You also have to be able to get the team excited. You are mainly coaching and mentoring the agents.”

The contact center generally deals with inbound calls. In addition, Samsung’s digital arm is a big part of the service. More than 130 people are currently working to connect through social media channels. Laura: “We are responding to the shift to online with our innovations. For example, chatbots are being built for social media to serve customers better and better. The nice thing is that this is being rolled out on an international scale. For example, we are also active in Suriname and offer customer contact in different languages.”

Daniel adds, “We have gone from contact center to value center in recent years. We offer much more than just service. For example, more and more sales projects are being added.”

"By the time I was 23, I was mentoring 20 men. I wouldn't have had this opportunity anywhere else."
Daniel Supervisor Samsung

What do you think makes a good team leader?

According to Daniel, a team leader is outspoken and proactive. In addition, you must be able to be flexible and go along with thinking up and implementing ideas. “It’s also important to be critical, both of others and of yourself.”

Laura believes it is important to be able to both give and receive feedback. “We want to have people in the workplace who are eager to learn and develop a lot. Those are the people who eventually move on.”

What have you learned the most from?

“As a team leader, you learn to provide direction in all the chaos,” Laura says. “If you can manage in Teleperformance’s playground, you can manage anywhere. And that gives confidence.”


What's the best part about working at Teleperformance?

“What I think is fantastic is that at Teleperformance you can be given responsibility at a young age. When I was 23, I was already supervising 20 people. I might not have had this opportunity anywhere else,” says Daniel.

Laura: “Everyone develops a preference for a certain type of work. The nice thing is that within Teleperformance you can indicate where your interests lie and learn more about them. Everything is possible, even internationally.”

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