Client Operations

Did you know that Teleperformance Benelux employs over 7,000 contact center agents? These agents, as well as team leaders, business unit managers and contact center managers, among others, work in Teleperformance’s Client Operations department. This is where our clients, such as Wehkamp and Tele2, and their customers take center stage. Only the best service is good enough!

Team leader

As a team leader, you will lead a team of contact center agents. You know what is going on in your team and what each individual needs. You use the qualities of your team appropriately. With an energetic and positive attitude, you connect your team. You work every day to ensure the excellent performance of your team of agents. By putting the employee first, you ensure that you monitor quality and exceed customer expectations. Happy employees, happy customers, happy clients!

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Business unit manager

As a business unit manager, you will monitor the balance between people, results and financial targets from a people-oriented approach. Not only on your project, but also that of Teleperformance as a whole. You will work closely with the support departments and your team of team leaders and contact center agents. You are continuously engaged in the personal and professional development of your team, as well as in improving the quantitative and qualitative performance of the business unit. You know how to translate performance into insights, improvements and advice. You are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and insights for the team. For the client, you are a persuasive and consultative partner.

Contact center manager

As a contact center manager, you have a clear vision and know how to communicate it. You will be responsible for one or more projects at one or more Teleperformance locations. You will lead a team of business unit managers, team leaders and contact center agents. You provide a good working environment where employees are challenged to do their best. Your focus is on ensuring service quality and achieving and exceeding objectives. You will improve processes and productivity, tighten KPIs and ensure optimal performance of the business units. For this, you also work closely with the support departments. For the customer, as a contact center manager, you are an important advisor. Together with the client you will make future plans and ensure that the commercial, financial and operational objectives of the client and Teleperformance are met.

Conversation designer

As a conversation designer, you make sure that chatbots provide good service. Customers ask a question via web chat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. A good chatbot recognizes all kinds of synonyms and detects what issue the customer has. Then this chatbot guides the customer to the right solution. You will work with specialized software and consult regularly with the data analysts and Client Operations.

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Speech and Interactions Analyst

As a Speech and Interactions Analyst, you will have access to recordings of all conversations made by agents. You help analyze the data for word usage and even emotions. This is how you discover patterns that call for advice: how can you design processes better? For this, we seek candidates with the unique combination of science and language skills.

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Businessman analyzing data with a touch screen in office

Data Analyst

The many thousands of calls we make each day generate an enormous amount of data. As a data analyst, you feed Teleperformance’s “collective brain. You map all calls and chats, organize the information and make it available for new calls. The purpose of this? Be able to work more efficiently and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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Knowledge Base Specialist

For difficult questions or complicated solutions, agents cheat in the knowledge base. This knowledge base must be maintained: adding questions and answers, expanding existing answers, or removing entries altogether. As a knowledge base specialist, you put your sense of language and writing talent to daily use.

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