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Are you looking for Vodafone vacancies? Vodafone is one of the largest telecom providers in the world. Since 2017, it merged and works with Ziggo, the largest cable operator in the Netherlands.

Vodafoneziggo vacancies

Teleperformance offers the latest job openings from Vodafoneziggo. From customer service representative to account manager to customer advisor to working with different products. The opportunities and job openings at Vodafoneziggo are virtually endless. Apply immediately!


Because of the Corona pandemic, we have all become accustomed to working from home. Although working from home is still a possibility, Vodafoneziggo would also love to welcome you to the department of one of the many branches housed from Groningen to Maastricht.

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To guard the culture, Vodafoneziggo has a veritable Culture crew. Vodafoneziggo considers it important that every employee feels at home within the organization. Vodafone does not do labels but rather puts everything into leveraging employees’ skills. To guard this culture, three values are shared by colleagues at Vodafoneziggo.

  • Open Up: learning from each other by listening
  • Team Up: Together we do our best for each other and achieve goals
  • Step Up: step outside your comfort zone and raise the bar sometimes


Where the development of technology never stops, so does the development of Vodafoneziggo’s talents. Within the organization there is plenty of room for self-development. Consider courses and master classes within the services provided by Vodafoneziggo. An ideal boost for your career.

Vodafoneziggo also derives great satisfaction from talent collaboration. While an employee is selling a subscription to a customer, his or her colleague is already drafting the contract. This is the well-oiled machine Vodafoneziggo is looking for.

Vodafone derives great satisfaction from talent collaboration.


Vodafoneziggo may be a large empire, but the bond between colleagues should never be lost sight of. To monitor this, the organization organizes various events that focus on the bond between colleagues.

The annual Connect Run or a big party at the ZiggoDome where a customer service representative and a sales representative get together. Throughout the year, Vodafone provides plenty of activities.


Large organizations feel responsible for the environment. A positive impact on the environment is becoming a priority for more and more companies. At Vodafone, not only is it a priority, they have already made strides in the right direction. In 3 years, Vodafone’s impact on the environment should be halved. This is achieved by using wind energy and recycling products.

My Wellbeing

When you feel good about yourself, it affects your work performance in a positive way. In order to be as fit and vital as possible, Vodafoneziggo has created My Wellbeing. Through this platform, you can use online and offline tools, tips and services to create the fittest version of yourself.

To further reinforce the drive to a fit and vital reality, Vodafoneziggo gives you a new bicycle and a discount on a gym membership. So start scheduling sports classes. It’s going to give you a lot.

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