Knowledge base specialist

The knowledge base specialist is indispensable in Teleperformance’s formula for success. Thanks to your efforts, dozens of agents can give the right answers to customers’ questions. You help them save time and maximize customer satisfaction.

What does a knowledge base specialist do?

Your colleagues in Teleperformance’s contact centers have extensive knowledge, but questions regularly come up that they don’t have immediate answers to. The knowledge base helps them find that answer. And the better that knowledge base is structured and populated, the better the statistics of calls and chats become.

As a knowledge base specialist, you will be responsible for a specific client’s knowledge base. You identify errors or deficiencies in current articles and correct them. In addition, you constantly produce new entries and develop training materials. Thanks in part to you, colleagues follow proper procedures, which translate into the best possible service.

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Who fits a job as a knowledge base specialist?

A knowledge base specialist should be organized and meticulous. A good sense of language and ditto writing skills are essential. You enjoy explaining complex issues in clear language. Ideally, we would like you to have experience as an agent so that you can easily connect with agents with your writings.

As a knowledge base specialist, you will work closely with the data analysts. They collect and organize customer questions, to which you then seek the best answers. Together, you form the indispensable, collective brain of Teleperformance.

After five years as a supervisor, I moved to the Work Force Management department, where I am responsible for the schedules of all agents the project.
David van den Berg Business Analyst

Why work at Teleperformance?

Teleperformance provides customer contact for large, well-established brands. With us, you take more than an inside look at these pioneering organizations; you become part of them. As the largest player in the market, we continuously optimize our processes.

At Teleperformance, you will work in an informal, friendly atmosphere. You will be surrounded by enthusiastic professionals who are constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently. We couple the excellent working conditions with plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder.

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What are the opportunities for advancement?

Growth is the only constant in the dynamic world of Teleperformance. Boulders in their work always get the chance to climb higher. We’ll give you plenty of support with courses and coaching so you can achieve your ambitious goals. At Teleperformance, you can often move up within the location you work in, but you can often work at another location or even abroad. The world is at your feet!

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