Customer service at Ziggo

Would you like to work at Ziggo customer service as a Customer Care employee? Are you willing to go to the extreme within your capabilities to help customers solve the problems they encounter? Then you’ve come to the right place at Teleperformance. We have several customer care agent vacancies at Ziggo in various locations.

What does a customer service representative do?

As a customer service representative, also known as a “Customer Care Agent,” you will work in a team of colleagues to help customers as best as possible. Consider problems with the Internet, television or other hardware device. No two customer calls are the same, which is what makes this job so challenging and dynamic.

Do you see it as a challenge to look for the solution to the problem the customer is experiencing? Do you get your energy from making people happy so they can get back to doing the things they wanted to do? Then this job is exactly what you are looking for. Click the button below to find your new job at as a customer service representative.

What does a customer service representative do for Ziggo?

A customer service representative helps Ziggo customers solve problems related to Ziggo’s products and/or services. You will be the first point of contact for people experiencing problems with the Internet, television or other products. But, you don’t know in advance what problem a customer is calling for. So you start over every time to put the puzzle together to solve customers’ problems. ‘Care’ is all-encompassing in this. You first put customers at ease and work together to find the solution. You don’t stop until the cause of the problem is found and fixed.

Because you are starting from the ground up every time, you are dealing with a fun and challenging position. No two customer calls are the same. This also applies to the solution; there is no one solution that applies to all problems.

Is this profession suitable for everyone?

Although many people assume they can become customer service representatives, in practice we often see that this is underestimated. It is a challenging profession and you really have to be able to put the puzzle back together every time and help people. This is because the customers you get on the phone have an acute problem and they expect you to be able to solve it quickly. Therefore, you must be naturally very helpful and able to be patient. After all, it is very annoying for customers when they have to be in a teams meeting in 5 minutes, for example, but the Internet is not working. This can cause a lot of frustration for customers.


What duties will you have as a Ziggo customer service representative?

As a Ziggo customer service representative, it is important to understand the problems, which the customer is experiencing, as well as possible and offer a solution to them. In addition to solving the client’s problem, you can start looking together at what other possible options might be of interest to him or her. When you hear children playing in the background and you see that the client does not have a family package, you might ask if a family package does not better suit today’s requirements and environment. When the customer agrees with you there, you have truly helped the customer and you can both end the conversation satisfied.

To provide the best service, take advantage of the available systems out there. From these systems you can bring out all the data about the customer. Among other things, you can see exactly what subscriptions they have, what types of products they use, what the family composition is, and what contact moments there have been before. Based on this data, you are able to present the customer with the best solution and satisfy them completely.

What conditions must a Ziggo customer service representative meet?

If you want to work in the Ziggo Customer Care department, you must really want to help people solve problems. You have the ability to get into the customer’s skin to identify what problems or shortcomings they are facing. And as a service agent, you offer them the most appropriate solution. So empathy is an important character trait that you need to possess if you are going to work as a ‘Customer Care Agent’. Because customers don’t just call, they often face an acute problem and they expect you to solve that problem as quickly as possible. In addition, you must be able to explain to the customer in a calm and clear manner how the problem arose and why something does or does not work. And what they can do to prevent it in the future.

And if the situation arises that you can’t fix the problem, you’ll call in a technician to go by the customer and fix the problem. In fact, a service agent must go back and put the puzzle back together and identify the problem with the customer on every call. You try to understand the situation as best you can and offer the right solution. You communicate this to the customer so they know what to expect and how their problem will be fixed.


Do you need customer service representative training?

No, you don’t need training to get started as a Customer Service agent at Ziggo. We do consider it important that you have a good listening ability and an absolute desire to help Ziggo customers with the problems they encounter. When you are convinced about this position, you can start applying for this job. You’ll land right into an assessment during the initial introductory interviews so we can determine which position and client best suits you. Based on your competencies and desired skills, you will be further introduced to the process. You will receive intensive training in product knowledge, systems knowledge and interview skills during your first weeks of work. You continue to learn continuously in order to help Ziggo’s customers in the best way possible.

What do you earn as a customer service representative at Ziggo?

When you join Teleperformance as a Ziggo customer service representative, you will receive a market-based salary. In addition, you are entitled to vacation days and, of course, vacation pay. You will also receive in-house training to further develop yourself and you will be under contract with Teleperformance immediately. In addition, you may be eligible for certain bonuses. If you can help customers well and you meet your targets, there are various incentives you can take advantage of. If you live further away you may be eligible for a travel allowance and of course you will also build up a pension.

What in-house training courses can you take?

When you come to work for Teleperformance, you will be offered several training courses before you can actually start working as a Ziggo customer service representative. For example, you will receive product knowledge training in which you will be told everything about the products and services offered by Ziggo.

You will also receive systems knowledge training where you will learn all about how to use the various systems and how to draw your conclusions and best advice for clients from them. You’ll also receive service training that explains how best to help customers and what you can do to make them even more satisfied, within the frameworks you’re assigned to do so. You will be constantly trained by your supervisors and team managers to improve your service skills and take them to the next level.

What competencies must someone meet?


Empathetic ability

To become a Ziggo customer service representative with you have empathy skills. That means you can listen well and understand how the customer feels when they call Ziggo customer service.You can explain to the customer in a calm and clear way what the solution is going to be.


Problem solving

In addition, you must be burned to get to the bottom of this. If you want to solve the problem properly, you also need to know where the cause lies. You help the customer identify problems and you make sure they are solved.


Want to improve

You have the intrinsic motivation to want to improve yourself every day. If you look for the cause in yourself, it is easier to be able to help another. Indeed, it can be difficult to understand what is actually the customer’s problem without being able to see what is going on.

Can anyone be retrained as a customer service representative at Ziggo?

Yes, in principle, anyone can be retrained as a customer service representative at Ziggo. There are a few requirements you do need to meet to get through the application round. That includes showing that you can listen well to the customer and that you have empathy. You have to help the customer, so also understand his problem. When you put yourself in the customer’s shoes and identify the problem, you can also offer the best solution.

Are there different positions within Ziggo Customer Care?

When you work as a customer service representative, you are working in the Customer Agent position at Teleperformance. You then help people over the phone and via chat with their problems. If you are ambitious and eager to develop, you have the opportunity to advance to the position of “Agent Expert. You will be a Senior agent helping and mentoring new colleagues in the role of customer service representative. Within the branch of Ziggo, we have plenty of other positions. Such as:

Contact Center Manager

A Contact Center Manager leads a team of Business Unit managers, team leaders and Customer Service agents. You are often responsible for one or more projects at a time.Your work includes ensuring quality, managing people, achieving objectives and improving processes.

Business Unit Manager

A Business Unit Manager monitors results, approach, targets and ensures the balance between people and employer. You are continuously improving performance and an inspiration to the team.

Team leader

As a team leader, you will lead your team of customer care agents. You know exactly what to do to motivate someone and are aware of the ins and outs on your team. You are a bridge builder and ensure the best performance of your team every day. Read more about it in an interview with Ron.


A recruiter looks for suitable candidates to fill a position. He or she approaches people and screens them to see if they meet all the requirements. When this is the case, the person in question is contacted asking if they are interested in a new challenge. The recruiter ultimately ensures that the new colleague will be hired.

HR staff

As an HR clerk, you will be responsible for maintaining staff schedules, applications, job postings, HR systems, etc. You ensure that all matters surrounding the team are well taken care of. This allows agents and other front row employees to excel without having to worry about the administrative part.


As a trainer, you are responsible for the proper training and coaching of Agents. You make sure the Agents know everything about the product and the service they need to provide to the customer in the process. The most important part of the training is empathizing with the customer; you enable the Agents to communicate on the same wavelength.


A trafficker coordinates all projects within the Ziggo Customer Care team. He or she is responsible for the progress of projects and ensures that budgets are not exceeded.


A scheduler takes care of staffing at all sites. There should be enough Customer Care Agents on hand to answer the flood of questions.

Quality Manager

The quality manager watches over the quality of advice and service given by agents.He or she evaluates calls and can see from user reviews and benchmarks whether someone can provide the desired quality service.

Speech and interaction analyst

Someone in the profession of speech and interaction analyst looks for possible areas of improvement in the sales or service process based on the available data. With the vast amount of data at your disposal, you can tell exactly what points need to be optimized.

Conversation designer

A conversation designer is continuously working on Ziggo’s online customer service channels. On different chat channels such as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, you help customers with their questions.

Knowledge base specialist

As a knowledge base specialist, you know everything about Ziggo’s products and services. You very quickly recognize when service agents are making mistakes or shortcomings and help them to give the right advice for the customer. You will ensure the improvement of product knowledge among Agents so that they can provide the best service to the customer.

70% of positions at Teleperformance are filled internally.

What is the difference when working for Ziggo and other companies?

The biggest difference between being a customer service representative at Ziggo or other companies is that at Ziggo, no two days are ever the same. It’s not like you have to look for a missing package every day, or rebook airline tickets for passengers every day. At Ziggo, you get customers on the phone who all have different situations. This makes this job varied and you learn new situations every day, increasing your product knowledge and empathy.

A good example in this is that everyone has their TV in a different location in the house. This creates a different situation every time because no two solutions are the same. It’s putting the puzzle back together every time and going with the client to see where the cause of the problem might be. This makes for a dynamic work environment where you can expect something new every time.

Are there many job openings in the market for this profession?

Yes, there are many jobs available for customer service representative at Ziggo. The company is also one of the largest (if not the largest) players in the Dutch market. Almost every household has an Internet and/or television connection. Because so many people are Ziggo customers, you also need a great customer service. Because customer service is so large, we are constantly looking for new employees for Ziggo. Are you interested in coming to work for Ziggo? We look forward to receiving your application!

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Why choose a job at Teleperformance?

You have several arguments for joining Ziggo customer care through Teleperformance. The working conditions are great, you work in a team and you are always training yourself to become a better service agent. No two days are the same, which is what makes this work so varied. You do the work every workday with your colleagues together, which makes the connectedness with the rest of your team a lot of fun.

At Teleperformance, you get the space to develop yourself and are allowed to be who you are. As long as you have a good command of the Dutch language and want to help other people, you are welcome to apply. As a Service Agent in Ziggo’s Customer Care department, you can continue to develop yourself continuously. You will attend various training sessions under the guidance of your team leader and coaches. Have you shown that you are ready for the next step? Then you can advance to Senior Agent. You then go on to mentor people yourself to become a better Service agent. You can advance to team leader, and should you have the ambition, you can even make it much further. In fact, 70% of vacancies are filled internally within Teleperformance.

We give you the opportunity to grow. You ultimately determine where you are going to end up.

Team Ziggo Customer Care

When you join Teleperformance, you will join a close-knit team in the Ziggo Customer Care departments. You are given plenty of space to be who you are and we encourage you to develop yourself. We are all working towards one goal and that is to help people solve the problems regarding Ziggo products or services. Your team manager ensures that the mood within the team is optimal.

After working hours, regular drinks are organized and you will go out and do fun things with colleagues. We also used the hashtag #TPFamily to signify the importance we place on mutual engagement within Teleperformance. It doesn’t matter who you are or where roots lie. If you have a good command of the Dutch language and want to help people in the best way possible, we welcome you to Teleperformance. With this job, you can get a jump start on your career as a customer service representative.


Back to work

If you have not been employed for a while and want to get back to work, customer service representative is a good option. Especially when you have a little more experience in life, we see that people have built up more empathy. This can work tremendously in your favor, because people with more empathy, can help customers more easily.

We hear from like-minded people that people enjoy being among colleagues again and working in a team. You get nice contacts out of this and you also get the feeling that you are really involved in the team.

Apply directly as a customer service representative

Are you convinced and looking forward to getting started as a Ziggo Customer Care agent? Do you want to continue to develop yourself or do you want to re-enter your career? Apply immediately for this position and who knows, maybe you’ll get to work as Ziggo’s new customer service representative.

Develop yourself and get to work in a team full of fun people to achieve the goals imposed. You can find all customer service representative positions at Ziggo here.