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Working at IKEA is working at the world’s largest retailer of home furnishings. With over 135,000 employees in 43 countries, IKEA is making a real impact on everyday living. IKEA is also represented in the Netherlands from Groningen to Heerlen. Despite the large number of employees, they always come first at IKEA.

IKEA operates as unbureaucratically as possible, and they believe it is important that you can be yourself and feel at home. The ideal job for you?

Latest IKEA vacancies

Working at IKEA can become a reality for you. Not for nothing has IKEA become the largest retailer of home products. This has been achieved thanks to IKEA’s global team and expansions. IKEA’s expansion never stops and so you are needed for the latest job openings.

Whether you prefer a position in IKEA’s call center, IKEA’s famous hospitality or just IKEA’s retail, they are looking for sociable staff who like to roll up their sleeves. So start applying for your new job through Teleperformance.


Working at IKEA is working in a diverse team. IKEA is proud of its diversity. No matter where in the world you get to work at IKEA, you’ll always get to interact with a diverse group of colleagues with diverse back stories. That makes IKEA one of the most diverse employers. However, the team does have a common denominator, which is a passion for home furnishings.

Together with your team, you will work every day to convey this passion to customers in the best possible way. When customers go out and have felt the passion, your day is a success.


Working at IKEA is also working with a vision. This vision has been in place since its inception and continues to be adhered to. ‘Improving everyday life for as many people as possible.’ IKEA plays an important role in this. When the customer comes home after a hard day, they should really come home.

By plopping down in the KLIPPAN, grabbing a pair of sweatpants from the BILLY or just grabbing a bite to eat on the ÖLGA. With IKEA home furnishings, the customer should feel at home. No matter how varied your team at IKEA is, they all have this vision in common. Hopefully you will too soon!

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Working at IKEA may be working at the world’s largest retailer of home furnishings, but the down-to-earth way of doing things is part of IKEA’s heritage. By staying close to the core of IKEA, the customer knows what they can expect from the products.

At IKEA, you know what you’re getting. Despite its simplicity, customers are of course provided with the best advice.

People and the environment

Working at IKEA is caring for people and the environment. IKEA works with a number of values, and these two concepts are gaining relevance every year, including in IKEA’s industry. As a large company, they know what the impact of employers can be, and IKEA is working hard to do just that. The team comes first and avoiding as much waste as possible is the goal.

IKEA's goal is to be fully circular by 2030.

Setting a good example

To work at IKEA is to lead by example. This is one of IKEA’s most important values and standards. By being the signboard of the IKEA store together with your colleagues, you radiate unity. Similarly, in the call center, hospitality, behind-the-scenes or other functions, performance is achieved only when the team functions optimally.

Giving and taking responsibility

Working at IKEA is about giving and taking responsibility. Because of the large teams, it is important that you know when to give or take your responsibility. To best assist the client in their quest for residential pleasure, own initiative is required. Giving and taking responsibility is also daring to take charge within a team. You take control but also follow decisions from your colleagues with a smile.

Decisions are made with one key fact: Staff development is central to IKEA. In addition, working at one of the most popular companies looks good on your resume.

Constantly on the move

Working at IKEA is constantly on the move. By not living with the day but looking ahead, you will be ahead of the obstacles on the road. Every day at IKEA is evaluated in order to do better the next day. From that, great ideas arise that keep both you and the team developing.


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