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Vacancies Zoetermeer

Are you looking for the latest vacancies in Zoetermeer? Teleperformance has a wide range of current vacancies for reputable companies in this centrally located city in South Holland. On this page you will find all the information about Jobs in Zoetermeer found for you. Would you like to apply for a job at Teleperformance Zoetermeer right away? Then respond today to the job opening that appeals to you.


Our headquarters

Our office on the Ierlandlaan in Zoetermeer is also considered the headquarters of Teleperformance Benelux. This is where the various staff members have their workplace. From Ireland Avenue, we provide customer contact for bol.com and Ziggo, among others. With several floors, a beautiful glass roof, benches and plants, this is a pleasant building that encourages personal contact. Zoetermeer also has plenty to offer after work: for example, shopping in the city center, water sports or indoor skiing.

Vacatures Zoetermeer

Home of our staff

Would you like to hold a staff position at Teleperformance? Then Teleperformance Zoetermeer is the ideal home base for you. For example, you can join Teleperformance Zoetermeer as a Business Unit Manager or Team Leader at Ahold. Or would you rather work as a Team Leader at the multinational Samsung Voice?

In addition, are you an administrative wonder? Then the position of Assistant Accounting Manager is really for you! You will manage a group of young talents and spread your knowledge to them. In this way, the team grows to great heights. Are you curious about all staff position at Teleperformance Zoetermeer or other Teleperformance locations? Check out the features at this link.

Call center vacancies for various clients

At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, you won’t just find staff positions. Our range of new vacancies is designed to ensure that there is a position among them that is right for one and all. At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, for example, you can work as a call center employee for large companies such as Ziggo and Bol.com. But there are many other vacancies. Zoetermeer offers it all.

For example, are you looking for ICT vacancies? Or would you rather get started with logistics jobs or technical jobs? All these different job opportunities can lead to your new job. Curious about all the features? Then take a look at the working at page of Teleperformance Zoetermeer.

Parrtime werken

Who will you be working for ?

At Teleperformance, we work with large multinational companies. At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, you will most likely be working for Ziggo and Bol.com. We have new job openings for these companies available daily. These large, Dutch companies are constantly looking for new and motivated employees. Teleperformance Zoetermeer does everything possible to prepare these employees optimally for their work at these companies.

Flexible working hours

Working at Teleperformance Zoetermeer is working with extremely flexible working hours. At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, we think it is very important that everyone can get started. Are you curious about the different service positions? If so, please read on.

Evening work or side job

Are you still a student and working hard to get your degree? Then evening work or a side job at Teleperformance Zoetermeer is ideal for you to still generate some extra income. Would you prefer to work more hours at Teleperformance Zoetermeer? If so, please read on.

Full-time vacancies

Just want to work full-time at Teleperformance Zoetermeer? We have many full-time positions available for that too? The working conditions at Teleperformance are also very good! Be sure to read them quietly at this link.

Part-time vacancies

Does a full-time position not fit your weekly schedule? Then consider our available part-time positions. These jobs vary in terms of hours per week. So you can choose exactly the job opening that fits within your schedule.


Starter position

Have you just graduated and want to make the move toward the job market? At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, we have more than enough entry-level positions available for you. With our trainings, we make sure you start your working career in the best possible way.

Vacation work in Zoetermeer

Are you a busy bee and would like to earn some extra money during your well-deserved vacation? Teleperformance Zoetermeer also has many vacation jobs in addition to the above mentioned employment opportunities. That way, you will use your vacation extremely effectively while also having time left over for real vacation getaways.

Keep on developing

Despite the many staff positions Teleperformance Zoetermeer has to offer, your qualifications may not yet be sufficient to hold such a position. At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, then, we will all but write you off. Indeed, the motivation to offer you development is all the greater. In fact, we also offer jobs without a degree. After all, we don’t look at your experience but rather focus on your drive and commitment.

For example, did you know that Teleperformance’s CEO started in Teleperformance’s call center? The living example of an employee who grabbed every opportunity offered with both hands. When you start working at Teleperformance Zoetermeer with this motivation, we are convinced that we can mean a lot to each other.

The city of Zoetermeer

To work in Zoetermeer is to work in the municipality with an ideal location. In the middle of the Randstad between large, busy cities like The Hague and Rotterdam, which you are within half an hour of, you will find peace and quiet in Zoetermeer. Besides its tranquility, the Zoetermeer region is also known for the various activities you can do there. Think of the indoor ski hall Snowworld or the many terraces the center has to offer. In addition, Zoetermeer also has many natural parks and is home to many students. The mix of young and old within the city truly makes Zoetermeer a city of everyone. In Zoetermeer, you’ll find it all.

TP Family

At Teleperformance Zoetermeer, collegiality among our employees is highly valued. We are convinced that you will truly excel only when you feel at home within our team. In addition, the development of your team reflects the development of our organization. When your team grows, we grow with it. And vice versa. So a win-win situation. Fun outings with your colleagues are also held regularly at Teleperformance. We know how important team building is for good results, and we go all out for that.


TP Discount

So does working at Teleperformance have any other benefits? Yes definitely! When you are employed by Teleperformance, you are entitled to TP Discount. This is a discount given to all Teleperformance employees for various activities.

Zoetermeer, for example, is home to the cool Snowworld. All employees of Teleperformance (Zoetermeer) may use this indoor ski hall at a discount. Besides Snowworld, there are many other accommodations where you can enter at a discount. Ideal for doing something fun with your colleagues, for example? We assure you that an afternoon of skiing does every person and team good.

Do you want to work in Zoetermeer?

Are you convinced of everything Teleperformance Zoetermeer has to offer you? Join the TP Family: you can apply directly to our many varied job opportunities. Send your CV including motivation to Teleperformance Zoetermeer and who knows, maybe you will have your dream job within a short time.

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