Premium Technical Support Lenovo – bilingual Dutch-English

FunctietypeCustomer service medewerker
Uren per week24 - 40 uur

Can you help Lenovo customers reach their innovation and technology destination. Can you start as soon as possible?

Working from home for a while and then on location in Maastricht!

Due to the measures of the RIVM, we are currently not recruiting and training on location, so therefore you now have the unique opportunity to start working from home first! A paid digital training, being online connected with your colleagues and working from the comfort of your own house. As soon as it is possible again, you will exchange your home workplace for a workplace at our office in Maastricht. Are you ready for this adventure?

Helping customers achieve their innovation and technology destination. That’s what Lenovo sets out to do. Lenovo redefines how we connect. With each other. And with technology itself. An example? How about a dual display laptop that boasts an E-ink screen that transforms into a customizable, multi-language keyboard, digital paper for taking notes/sketching, and e-reader? Different is better! But despite all the clever technology that powers Lenovo products, sometimes customers are faced with challenges they can’t easily overcome themselves. This is when you swoop in to save the day.

As our Premium Technical Support Representative Lenovo

you help customers solve all their Lenovo issues. Comprehensibly and quickly. In most cases, that boils down to coaching customers who are road blocked due to a lack of understanding of product features. What did they miss? And how can they enjoy their product’s full potential? At times, you have to delve deeper under the hood. E.g. when the symptoms indicate a potential hardware fault. For whatever reason a customer contacts us, it’s up to you as our Premium Technical Support Representative Lenovo to reinstall trust in the brand, through a mixture of practical advice and inspiring brand ambassadorship.

That also means you should be able to assess how an issue impacts the customer and gauge their level of technical understanding. What is his or her mood? How does the issue affect their work or personal life? You will proactively manage customer satisfaction. And yes, that might entail dealing with people who are stressed out and unhappy. Situations you don’t shy away from but embrace. Because marketing research shows that customers whose issues have been well and truly solved are bigger brand advocates than customers who have a first-time-right experience! It should go without saying that you’ll share insights and solutions with your colleagues, which empowers the team to serve future customers even better. 

Who would we welcome most?

You! That is, if you’re in love with innovative tech and eager to provide outstanding customer service, all day, every day. For this role, it’s imperative that you can think beyond the technical issue at hand. E.g. by adopting a customer perspective and transcending from a troubleshooter into a trusted advisor. Although experience in similar roles is a plus, we value your client-driven mindset, technological agility and willingness to learn above whatever brands you list on your resume. So wow us with your tech forum posts. If you can demonstrate client-driven credentials, you’re welcome aboard! 

Specs that no Premium Technical Support Representative Lenovo can do without

How we value our Premium Technical Support Representative Lenovo?

By offering you a forward-thinking job experience. In an attractive office building, with colleagues that can teach you a lot (and vice versa), plus benefits that befit an organization with 300,000 employees. But also an organization that feels like a family business, where you can find yourself making water cooler conversation with a suit who turns out to be an intern. And with a guy in a hoodie and sneakers who turns out to be upper management. Want to find out who’s who? And what we can offer you as Premium Technical Support Representative Lenovo (hint: development opportunities, a fair salary and modern tools)?


Please apply through this website by uploading your CV and cover letter in English. When your application matches the requirements, you will be approached by the recruiter to discuss your candidacy. If this is positive, you will be invited for a face to face interview with the supervisor of the project. In order to qualify for this position, you need to be living in The Netherlands already (within 50km from Maastricht) and either have an EU nationality, or already have a Dutch working permit. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. Please apply using the link above (or below).

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